29.01.19 Offline Blog News Digest

Welcome, dear partners! For general development, it was decided to start a new column “Out of monitoring”, in which we will tell you about interesting updates that are not on our monitoring blog.

Interesting news "Out of monitoring"

bitnerves.io (Start 27.01.19) is a new, mid-income project with excellent preparation. The only thing that causes questions is that the advertising campaign is built quite poorly. We will follow the project with interest.
[Current tariff plans: 10% per day on 13 working days | Min contribution: 25 $ | Bonus from us: 3%]

nexrevolt.biz (Start 26.01.19) - hourly with a high cost of monitoring. In general, it is made quite simply and used design. In theory, it can give a plus and go through several circles, or even more!
[Current tariff plans: 8% per hour on 1 day | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 2.5%]

We track "Out of monitoring"

evvi.ai (Start 19.01.19) - a completely new project that has all the characteristics of a “partisan”. The development is quite smooth. Project verification is still to come, but we recommend that you take a closer look.
[Current tariff plans: 4.3% per day on 30 days | Min contribution: 20 $ | Bonus from us: 1.5%]

atlanticoil.biz (Start 19.01.19) - this fast project demonstrates excellent results. Work week behind the project. Daredevils who believed in the project had the opportunity to earn good money, as well as continue to do so.
[Current tariff plans: 103% through 1 day | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 1.5%]

gemneon.io (Start 17.01.19) - work in full swing. How long? The development is quite smooth and advertising resources are added gradually.
[Current tariff plans: 6% per day indefinitely | Min contribution: 1 $ | Bonus from us: 2.5%]

dominat.company (Start 13.01.19) - development continues. Recently, the project was translated into Chinese.
[Current tariff plans: 7% per day on 20 working days / 150% through 15 working days | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 3.5%]

multix.biz multix.biz (Start 21.01.19) - the advertising campaign is too quiet. The main thing that it does not play a cruel joke with the council.
[Current tariff plans: 4% per day on 10 days | Min contribution: 20 $ | Bonus from us: 4%]

cryptofutures.cc (Start 24.01.19) is a mid-income novelty with adequate marketing. There is insurance from the administration, but it’s all very vaguely written. Count on it just is not worth it. It will be interesting to watch, because the start was just recently.
[Current tariff plans: 3.87% per day on 30 days | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 3.5%]

auto-pay.biz (Start 24.01.19) is a new middle-income project with automatic payments that everyone loves very much. There is a certain similarity with one admin, but this is just a guess. The implementation is done on another level a bit.
[Current tariff plans: from 4.3% per day on 30 days | Min contribution: 5 $ | Bonus from us: 5%]

depositcase.biz (Start 08.11.18) - after rebranding, two laps were successfully completed in accordance with the working tariff plan. It was possible to earn + 24% profit.
[Current tariff plans: 112% through 3 of the day | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 2.5%]

neuronic.biz (Start 05.01.19) - in fact, the project is not new, but with all this, the development is very good.
[Current tariff plans: 3% per day on 60 days | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 2.5%]

exo-2277.me (Start 25.01.19) - the site is designed at a good level. There is a good technique. Of the minuses, we note the unsuccessful marketing and partially borrowed content. There is a chance to complete a circle or two on the minimum investment period.
[Current tariff plans: 110% through 10 days / 3% per day on 50 days / 4% per day on 40 days | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 2.5%]

investwith.win (Start 26.01.19) - a new partisan. While it is early to draw any conclusions. It is necessary to observe the development. Of the features, you can highlight the domain, which is similar to tradewith.kim, but to invest because there is a good pun intended - it's silly.
[Current tariff plans: 101.6% through 1 day / 2.5% per day on 15 days / 109% through 9 days | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 1.5%]

4coins.biz (Start 24.01.19) - a new partisan. There is only one monitoring so far. The tariff plan 1% per day on a perpetual basis. We will observe the development.
[Current tariff plans: 101.6% through 1 day | Min contribution: 10 $ | Bonus from us: 0.5%]

Unpromising 27.01.19 - 29.01.19 Innovations

In this section, we note the new items, which, in our opinion, without any prospects, and we believe that they will work little or not at all:

royal-dynasty.com, infinyum.net, trafficpay.net, roxenergo.world, guelder-rose.io, tai-invest.com, bitwat.biz, queen7.cc, bitwhale.trade.

Latest scams

auswayglobal.cc - there were no payments. Very sad outcome.

romelex.net - Worked a little more than a day with 30-minute charges.

ganja7.biz - worked the project 6 days. Demonstrated a good result for those who recorded a profit in time.

earnstable.com - worked well. There was an opportunity to take profits.

btcinv.io - worked a couple of days. There is nothing to discuss.

nooblescoin.com - Worked all 30 days with a percentage of return 0.6%. Disgusting work.

smart-234.io - a smart contract that worked for 40 days and only the first could manage to get to breakeven.

coingenic.io - the project was not followed. 61 day for working with the 102% tariff plan through 1 day is indicated. With such preparation is impressive!

monoprofit.com - Work more or less for such training.

Our personal TOP-5 investment for "Beyond Monitoring"

  1. dominat.company;
  2. evvi.ai;
  3. neuronic.biz.
  4. atlanticoil.biz;
  5. depositcase.biz.

At this point, our review of new products "out of monitoring" came to an end.

Also do not forget to leave reviews, comments and publications of payments on our website or on social networks!

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  1. solarscream
    02.02.2019 11:10
    Payout from Evvi project (13 / 30):
  2. misan
    02.02.2019 10:22
    went to auto-pay, we will see
    Sent Payment 10.00 USD to account U17454300. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. ajax_cashin Payment ID: 9187
  3. liva79
    02.02.2019 08:07
    depositcase.biz - SCAM !!!
  4. solarscream
    02.02.2019 04:13
    Evvi pays:

  5. Nik888
    01.02.2019 23:55
    CryptoFutures (Pays):
    The amount of 0.39 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U17008270. Memo: API Payment. CryptoFutures.cc withdraw to ....... Date: 20: 13 01.02.19. Batch: 245050222.
  6. gilew455
    01.02.2019 22:48
    Dominant guys are not paying a day, don’t invest the payment I’m hanging on

    depositcase.biz this project, too, the guys write payments day hang itself was not personally moistened

    Just for general information.

    neuronic.biz this one pays for three days I take off while it seems to be fine last time I took off 1.02.2019. In Moscow 21: 30
    1. udimka
      02.02.2019 02:12
      Already on all blogs have written scam.
    2. Marina
      02.02.2019 03:56
      Unfortunately, yes everywhere and the first and second scams. Dominat worked poorly, but Depositkash 7 days, which is normal for fast.
  7. Nik888
    01.02.2019 22:36
    auto-pay (payouts):
    The amount of 0.11 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U17454300. Memo: API Payment. Auto .. Date: 17: 02 01.02.19. Batch: 245034802.
  8. 4difeer666
    01.02.2019 18:10
    After 3 days I found out how I went there, I thought it would work less than a week (
    1. Marina
      01.02.2019 18:25
      And I thought you recently logged in. It is a pity that I did not know, I would not refill.
      1. 4difeer666
        01.02.2019 21:03
        I’m from the very first ad there, if he hadn’t been so populized, maybe it was something that left
  9. gilew455
    01.02.2019 18:01
    Why news is not already three days about projects outside the block because of them there is already one scam?
    1. 4difeer666
      01.02.2019 18:10
      Well, here everyone has said that the scam will be soon, today or tomorrow
  10. solarscream
    01.02.2019 12:43
    Another payment on the project Evvi:
    02.01.19 06: 25 Account Receive + 1.08 Received Payment 1.08 USD from account U18307808 to account U165 **** 1. Batch: 244622363. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to solarscream from evvi.ai.