- Improved plans - your quick money.

By upgrading our platform, Bizzilion reduces the term of deposits for each of the plans. Our innovations will allow you to make your investments as efficient as possible and easily find a convenient income-generating scheme. Now your deposits are even faster:

Sports broadcasts - 100 calendar days instead of 144, daily income is up to 2,10% of the amount of the contribution, and the total profit will be 210%.

Broadcasting - 70 working days instead of 85, the total profit is now up to 239% of the amount of the contribution.

Game streaming - 155 calendar days instead of 175, the total profit is now up to 1020% of the deposit amount.

Please note that the plans of the previous generation in 10 days will no longer be available for investment. Payments on deposits created under the old plans will be made under the same conditions until the deposit is closed.

Today, the company is rapidly gaining popularity, and the amount of investment is constantly increasing. All withdrawal requests are processed manually in turn, which increases processing time. To speed up the disbursement of funds, we have increased the minimum withdrawal amount to 0,0002 BTC.

Increase your capital even faster with Bizzilion!

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  1. Dilshod
    29.01.2019 04:41
    In any case, be careful. In any project there is a dobor and this project is no exception.
  2. udimka
    29.01.2019 01:43
    Interesting news, I would increase, but I still want the first deposit to fully work out, and then go to a new circle.
    1. Marina
      29.01.2019 10:22
      This is a good idea, better wait for the deposit to be worked out and then make a decision according to the development of the project
      1. udimka
        30.01.2019 02:09
        Yes, perhaps even more attractive plans will emerge later.
  3. Marina
    28.01.2019 23:57
    It seems to me that this is great news! The project is very bright with excellent preparation, smoothly developed and now attracts new investors with new plans. This is one of my favorite projects. :)
    1. udimka
      30.01.2019 02:10
      Similarly, I first watched for some time and then decided to stop by.
  4. Alex2601
    28.01.2019 20:41
    So I was puzzled, can add a contribution, so that at least the minimum salary can be output per day, it is increased, but what if it is added. More and daily profit increased!
    1. udimka
      29.01.2019 01:42
      In this project, I do not think this is an add-on.