- Video instructions on how to check the official registration.

Dear investors and partners Caribbean Dream Holding!

For the convenience of our partners and investors, we have uploaded a video tutorial on how to check the official registration of the Caribbean Dream company. On our 3 video site:

Caribbean Dream Holding in Hong Kong - 29 October 2018 of the year;


Caribbean Dream Holding in London, United Kingdom - November 23 2018 of the year;


Caribbean Dream Holding in Sydney, Australia - January 10 2019


These videos show how you can go to company registration sites in Hong Kong, UK, Australia and find Caribbean Dream in the list of registered companies. All documents, registration certificates will also be available on our investment site in a new design.

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  1. Dilshod
    28.01.2019 17:47
    I have long wanted to enter this project unfortunately there is no Payeer //
    1. Marina
      29.01.2019 00:18
      can be perfect like me
      1. Dilshod
        29.01.2019 04:41
        I have no perfect.
    2. udimka
      29.01.2019 01:39
      Sign up for this payment is not a problem.
      1. Dilshod
        29.01.2019 04:42
        Can you tell what documents are required at registration
  2. Leonidas
    28.01.2019 14:28
    Like the partisans, but already so active blush
  3. Alex2601
    28.01.2019 12:17
    What a site it will be interesting to be in a new design, one would even connect the Russian language!