Exparvest.com - Connecting PAYEER (RUB).

Dear investors! We have integrated deposit and withdrawal options into the system using PAYEER (RUB) for the Russian ruble. Now you can open a deposit in rubles with PAYEER (RUB) instantly, without commission!

EXPARVEST LTD always striving to meet their customers.

In total, over the 12 days of the Foundation’s work, more than 3800 investorsand the Fund’s reserve has exceeded $ 340 000 USD.

Coin EXP became popular among our investors, and many have already been able to earn 12 24% per hour, with which we can congratulate them! In the future, we plan to add more 2 Coins, each of which will be different from each other.

Have a nice weekend, your EXPARVEST team!

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  1. Alex2601
    27.01.2019 19:33
    As long as such a flow of investors is in place, I think the project will live, and it will die, I think when the flow of deposits drops sharply, we wish it an eternal influx of new investors!
    1. Zhuk0ff
      27.01.2019 20:22
      The statement is controversial, of course, but let's see how it will be in practice.
  2. udimka
    27.01.2019 01:13
    The project is developing at lightning speed, a little scary already, it seems to me too quickly.
    1. Dilshod
      27.01.2019 04:59
      Every day they have new investors and this is probably the best.
    2. Leonidas
      27.01.2019 09:23
      because This is certainly fast, then this development is normal, and even necessary for the project
    3. Zhuk0ff
      27.01.2019 14:26
      Last time worked 39 days. Therefore, there is still time. But again, this is not accurate)