Exparvest.com - Adding EXP Coins!

Ladies and Gentlemen! We are pleased to present our first game with our EXP coin. Each player will be able to earn it up to 12% net profit in 24 hours.

Study carefully the rules of the game:

1) The EXP coin is the first of three coins. The other two will appear later. Total EXP coins will be sold 1000 pieces at the rate of 1 $ = 1 EXP. Compound interest is active. The coin grows every hour by 0.5%, and in a day it grows by 12%.

2) First you need to replenish the balance, and then buy a coin. Please note: referral bonuses are not taken into account when purchasing. You can buy no more than 100 EXP coins and at the same time keep them on balance. After you buy coins, you get into the list of holders of tokens.

3) Your coins after purchase will randomly receive time from 1-th to 24-hours. As soon as their term expires, they are automatically sold from your account and other members will be able to redeem them. But if you have time to get them first, they will belong to you again.

4) If you did not have time to buy EXP coins, open the list of holders and look at the trading time of their coins. Be prepared for this time to redeem them as quickly as possible.

5) In no case do not miss the right moment, you can connect the notifications in our Telegram-bot. You will see the full list of sellers and the time of sale of all EXP coins.

6) You must have at least one active deposit (Mega-piggy bank is not taken into account).

You can buy coins in your account by going to a new page “COIN EXP».


It will be very hot, fun and profitable!

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  1. Leonidas
    25.01.2019 12:47
    This will definitely extend the life of the project. wink
    1. Dilshod
      25.01.2019 17:37
      New deposits will help the project. The main thing that the admin plans were the continuation of the project, and not