- Opening office of the Republic of Buryatia.

Good day, dear partners!

We continue to expand our presence in the market. 26 and 27 in January will open offices in Almaty and Ulan-Ude, respectively.

With us, success is guaranteed!

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  1. fenix55
    25.01.2019 02:27
    funny news) but in any case development is always a plus ...
    1. Dilshod
      25.01.2019 17:35
      Yes, a new investment stream can extend the life of a project.
  2. Dilshod
    24.01.2019 22:28
    Good for expanding smoothly.
  3. Leonidas
    24.01.2019 19:46
    Oh, the Buryats love such things ... but after kshb they can change their opinion blush
    1. udimka
      25.01.2019 02:19
      The audience is always there. But this project can already begin to praise, over the course of the work, everything works fine.
      1. Leonidas
        25.01.2019 12:49
        Well, it's not quite clear, but I'm glad that they are constantly improving. wink
  4. Alex2601
    24.01.2019 17:12
    Expansion of geography leads to an influx of new investors, but the percentage of income per day is not great, I think if the admin competent project still have a long time to work!
  5. Marina
    24.01.2019 17:09
    Yes, without Buryatia, agree. But the project has already shown its good work and continues to show.