- Increasing the limits on Seagull Stealth.

Dear investors! +5 Stealth gulls you can buy today. They will bring + 10 % net profit for 20 days. Every fish is good when the bait went!

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  1. Dilshod
    24.01.2019 22:34
    Good design. I did not work with the registration and I did not continue. And it was necessary
    1. fenix55
      25.01.2019 02:49
      I have been there for a month. taking into account the reinvestment, I have already brought 35%. like that the admin in the chat telegram is almost always online and solves all problems
  2. 4difeer666
    24.01.2019 17:20
    I like such improvements, it is good that the project does not stand still. Soon I will do a reinvest!
  3. Marina
    24.01.2019 17:13
    Cheerful little project. I somehow did not pay attention to him.
  4. Leonidas
    24.01.2019 10:23
    Right now, the seagulls will fly sweat_smile
  5. Alex2601
    24.01.2019 08:47
    So they would have added fishermen with fishing rods once the bait went, and then they like seagulls for free from the fishermen to steal a fish!
  6. fenix55
    24.01.2019 01:46
    These project pleases with its development and adequate admin, who is almost always in touch. I bought some gulls)
    1. Dilshod
      24.01.2019 22:35
      What is your contribution to this project?
      1. fenix55
        25.01.2019 02:45
        already 3000, while part of the output, the rest in the reinvest. admin in chat promises a good future if people don’t take everything to the penny
        1. Dilshod
          25.01.2019 04:56
          Fine. I wish you a profit. I have a big contribution only on Ix Day and then from 100% insurance