23.01.19 Offline Blog News Digest

Welcome, dear partners! For general development, it was decided to start a new column “Out of monitoring», In which we will tell you about interesting updates that are not on our monitoring blog.

Interesting news "Out of monitoring"

auswayglobal.cc (Start 22.01.19) - very fresh project with the original design, unique content. Fast as fast, but to build marketing issues. The amount of 2 500 $ exhibited a large percentage, as for Fasts. The project looks workable, but it is not worth throwing in large amounts.

 evvi.ai (Start 19.01.19) - there are vague doubts that this project is a "partisan". From the start, a lot of advertising resources are connected, as for the "partisan". It is necessary to observe the development.

atlanticoil.biz (Start 19.01.19) - another fresh fast project. Invalid date specified. This is done in order to visually fill the working days of the project. Starting the 19 project in January 2019. Technique is in order, building plans too.

ganja7.biz (Start 21.01.19) - new fast with classic marketing. There is already an insider about an experienced admin and now there is hype in all chat rooms. Start was just recently. The project is a good option for investment.

gemneon.io (Start 17.01.19) - well-prepared middle-income project with a working marketing. Although, in fact, the only working option for investing is the 6% tariff on a perpetual basis, the overall picture still looks pretty good. It is not clear why the admin announced the return of the deposit in 50 days.

dominat.company (Start 13.01.19) - probably the most discussed project of the last week. One can see large costs for the site, training and advertising campaign. The makings of successful work is. We recommend to look at.

multix.bizmultix.biz (Start 21.01.19) - the negative impression of this project did not work out, but there are doubts about the prospect of working at a distance. We will definitely watch.

Santa fable santa-fable.com (Start 14.01.19) - a good fast project with a New Year's mood, but the most important thing is not the appearance of the site, but marketing. Two terms of the tariff plan have already been completed with a term of 3 of the day. To go or not - you decide.

Cyber ​​tradecybertrade.online (Start 20.01.19) - a strong representative of middle-income projects. Looks quite stylish and preparation at a high level. We will definitely watch.

Unpromising 21.01.19 - 22.01.19 Innovations

In this section, we note the new items, which, in our opinion, without any prospects, and we believe that they will work little or not at all:

coincoach.biz, justfin.org, vigold.club, conix.club, emirates-invest.org, lifelongstocks.com, crypto-arbitrage.pro, bitaqora.com, bitpassive.com, ellaos.pro, cash32.info, gogoearn. pw, hourly-coin.icu, cryptis.io, bitcoinhash.online, forexshare.icu, paymenow.icu, tripplebenifit.pw, broker-hourly.info, bit-fund.gq, dillaxcoins.com, contractum.info, rocketime. biz, fundsvisory.com, trade-base-trust.com, hourbitpay.com, liteminer.biz, criplos.com.

Latest scams

  • royal7.cc - 12 work days. Given that paid on weekdays, then everything is in the red. Zakos or cut down all the turnips?
  • rapidinterest.com - apparently, the project was the same admin as royal7.cc. No result.
  • profitable.loan - one of the best of the last partisans. The fast plan showed itself well at a distance. It is a pity that did not participate.
  • bitequity.biz - a similar outcome was obvious. Worked 0 days. There is nothing to add.
  • bitkindle.io - the project was well assembled and lasted at the beginning with dignity.
  • forex-street.com - A good partisan pissed off before disguise. Worked well.
  • part-top.com - after rebranding worked very poorly. In general, we have 115 work days.
  • retrocarindustrial.net - 20 work days. Weak result for similar marketing.
  • cryp-to-cash.com - 20 work days. Marketing was interesting as a minimum. The project was not followed at all.
  • cryptobanker.cc - Excellent performance was, as for the classic fast.
  • liebermax.com - The first had the opportunity, practically, to repel the deposit.

Our personal TOP-3 investment for "Beyond Monitoring"

  1.  dominat.company;
  2.  evvi.ai;
  3.  cybertrade.online.

At this point, our review of new products "out of monitoring" came to an end.

Also do not forget to leave reviews, comments and publications of payments on our website or on social networks!

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  1. 4difeer666
    24.01.2019 18:24
    I have been participating in the dominant for a long time, while everything is fine!
    1. Dilshod
      24.01.2019 22:54
      Is this your only project outside the blog?
      1. 4difeer666
        25.01.2019 16:47
        Yes, you probably noticed that I won activity contests, my devotion to the blog, and not useless posts, like some participants!
  2. evkonti
    24.01.2019 14:34
    All these shit-design high-spikes do not have any development prospects. And all of them will ever shut down. Some earlier, some later. And the reason for all this disgrace is that these are all financial pyramids that do not have a clear Payment Schedule and an adaptation mechanism (for stability, a payment shift for later periods). Therefore, they are all doomed to fast scam!
    1. Dilshod
      24.01.2019 15:38
      You are in one of them.
    2. Marina
      24.01.2019 16:28
      think about it everyone knows this game.
    3. fenix55
      25.01.2019 05:38
      In my opinion it is obvious for HYIP projects. all HYIPs sooner or later end their activities. Although analyzing your statements in the comments on many projects, it is worth listening to you.
  3. Alex52
    24.01.2019 08:30
    tell me through which monitor to come in so that the refback was also
    1. fenix55
      24.01.2019 09:51
      Richie promised to make a refbek from the projects of this ruble. just did not specify when
      1. Alex52
        24.01.2019 16:52
        then we will wait for publication
    2. Dilshod
      24.01.2019 15:37
      Follow the links in this category. You will be a referral to Rich
      1. Alex52
        24.01.2019 15:43
        there is another inviter
  4. udimka
    24.01.2019 02:09
    This is a good rubric. Well done what they did. Personally, to me and to many investors, I think it is very interesting what is happening in the industry outside the blog. Another source of useful information. Continue in the same spirit.
    1. fenix55
      24.01.2019 08:36
      support worthy ruble will be useful in the future
  5. evkonti
    24.01.2019 01:51
    I participate in Dominat ..
    1. udimka
      24.01.2019 02:07
      I, too, have high hopes for him.
      1. Alex52
        24.01.2019 08:29
        let's hope works well
    2. fenix55
      24.01.2019 08:35
      many participates in it. strange why this blog did not pay attention to it immediately. the project seems to be well developed
      1. richmonkey
        24.01.2019 09:20
        Trouble buying advertising in the first day, it is not good
        1. udimka
          25.01.2019 02:24
          There is such a thing, in the summer too there was a project with similar marketing, which also aggressively bought up advertising and I decided to skip it, but in the end it worked very well. This time I decided to take a chance and go into the project. All the same, there is a small percentage of admins who know how to work that way. So far, I have not reached a breakeven, but more than half of the deposit has strayed.
    3. Marina
      24.01.2019 16:18
      I also think many are sitting there. I take part in the bounty. Not bad while the project is on.
  6. Marina
    23.01.2019 22:01
    Watching an opportunity to register on your ref. link. Then
    I have a question, and the refka is provided in this case?
    1. richmonkey
      24.01.2019 00:12
      Refback is likely to do all the new products, the order will also be through the blog form.
      1. fenix55
        24.01.2019 08:34
        generally be fine. Refbek is an additional profit and a chance to quickly break even
      2. Marina
        24.01.2019 16:15
        Great, thanks for the reply
    2. Dilshod
      24.01.2019 15:35
      I thought about why there is no ref link. Good for fixing
  7. Alex52
    23.01.2019 21:39
    Good interesting heading I hope there will be constant reviews, at least weekly
    1. richmonkey
      24.01.2019 00:14
      We will try to post such news daily and make a general weekly report.
      1. fenix55
        24.01.2019 08:32
        Thank you for your work in this direction. I hope everyone will find advantages in this ruble
      2. Marina
        24.01.2019 16:29
        Thanks for coming up with it for us.
        1. 4difeer666
          24.01.2019 18:25
          I agree, such an opportunity can exclude other blogs in general, now everything can be found here!
  8. Alex2601
    23.01.2019 18:59
    Unpromising novelties have become even more unpromising after being posted on blogs, but God also take off, we don’t invest in them!
  9. Zhuk0ff
    23.01.2019 18:15
    As for dominat.company, for some large monitoring it is in the portfolio. Now there is a valid deposit. Of the downsides that charges go on working days and after weekends, charging for some reason, how many hours later it starts, there is also a threshold for a minimum conclusion. With a minimum deposit you have to save for three days to withdraw d / s.

    cybertrade.online is a simple but well developed website. The legend is already standard, such as supported by documented. However, there is no contact information; there is no contact with the administration, except for an application for support. But you need to take into account that the project has not so many reviews (advertisements). Maybe while working in a quiet phase and show a good job. On account of it, I'll think, maybe it's worth testing.
    1. fenix55
      24.01.2019 08:32
      Went to dominat.company recently on 20 $. I withdraw once a day. Went to see him on other blogs. no complaints yet
  10. Marina
    23.01.2019 17:36
    good and interesting rubric. I think it will be useful to many investors. I participated in some, and RoyalHNUMX had high hopes, but alas, the admin did not come for work, but for money.
    1. Alex52
      23.01.2019 21:38
      there were also hopes for the royal but alas .....
    2. fenix55
      24.01.2019 08:30
      agree ruble is not bad. you can take the risk and enter without a blog, and suddenly get lucky)