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Dear partners and investors!

We carried out the planned those. maintenance of the site and the introduction of new functionality. There was also an unscheduled audit of the security of our servers and the work of the site as a whole!

I want to share with you what awaits us in further work: we have introduced a separate balance for each cryptocurrency in the office, and now everyone who makes a deposit in the cryptocurrency will receive charges in the cryptocurrency too. The cabinet will be updated on the site during this night.

According to our information, the growth of all coins, as well as numerous pampas, is expected in the near future. We can have time to earn up to the moment of the "big jump", getting the dividends on our tariffs in the cryptocurrency and accumulating them in anticipation of the anticipated growth. Due to the lengthy verification on the side of the aggregator, we decided to continue working with so as not to keep you waiting.

I want you to know that the work was performed by true professionals. Now we can be confident on 100% with reliable and stable work of our site. We met the deadline and did even more than planned, because we understood and felt your support, experienced with you!

Withdrawal works in normal mode!

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  1. udimka
    24.01.2019 02:13
    Fuh, happy this news. I love when the admin said - admin did. Usually in the HYIP it is not often seen.
    1. fenix55
      25.01.2019 03:15
      Apparently it's too early to close the project. deposit statistics show good investor confidence
      1. Dilshod
        25.01.2019 17:32
        Apparently the admin had very different plans
  2. fenix55
    24.01.2019 01:54
    judging by the site reports, and so paid. I have just today the withdrawal of the minimum salary, there will be another check)
  3. Alex2601
    23.01.2019 19:28
    But let's take a word on the account of 100% reliable and stable performance, it would be great!
  4. Marina
    23.01.2019 17:46
    good news, now you can work without obstacles and problems. Just to pay.