- New Harpoon character.

Dear investors! There is a feeder for every fish.

A new permanent character Harpoon was added today.

It is located in the Fishermen section. Its cost 20000 rublesyield 175 100% of the daysi.e. according to the results will bring 35000 rubles (350 rubles / day). All income goes to balance for withdrawal. Each member can only buy 1 Harpoon.

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  1. Dilshod
    23.01.2019 06:02
    The next character I think will be worth 50
    1. fenix55
      24.01.2019 02:00
      most likely admins will adjust the cost and profits of the next fisherman. because everyone is just saying, someday I'll buy myself a harpooner, and in fact have bought units.
  2. Alex2601
    22.01.2019 19:45
    But I once started fishing with a bait, and I will catch it until the fish is over!
  3. Leonidas
    22.01.2019 09:26
    I hope the harpooner will bring a lot of fish wink
    1. fenix55
      23.01.2019 02:48
      you bought yourself a harpooner?)
  4. fenix55
    22.01.2019 04:42
    few people are willing to go to that amount. but as the administration of this project says in the chat, there are those who wish to eat.
  5. udimka
    22.01.2019 01:02
    The game continues to add new characters, but I already went to one until I had enough.