- 23.01.2019 Webinar.

Dear investors and partners of the company Cashluxe Holding!

We are glad to inform you that on Wednesday 23.01.2019 in 19: 00 Moscow time will hold first webinar from partner Anton Divanov.

The topic of the webinar: Acquaintance with the company

The following questions will be disassembled in detail: What is Cash Suite; Company management; Company documents; Investment plan; Accrual and payments; Affiliate program.

Also, you can get an answer to your question.

We are waiting for everyone!

Sincerely, Cashluxe Holding administration!

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  1. Marina
    24.01.2019 17:18
    meanwhile, the amount of 3.55 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U17113399-> U12409199. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal Cashluxe Holding .. Date: 13:17 24.01.19. Batch: 243784869.
    1. Dilshod
      24.01.2019 22:45
      This is for viewing a webinar or payout
  2. udimka
    22.01.2019 01:05
    Interestingly, these webinars someone watching?
    1. fenix55
      22.01.2019 04:49
      I think not. This is a planning point for most HYIPs, so that depositors can see and hear real people from the other side.
    2. Leonidas
      22.01.2019 09:24
      Large HYIPs have a lot of viewers.
    3. Alex2601
      22.01.2019 19:42
      Who lives on the revenue from HYIPs, looking at anyone (monitor), I think experienced investors in the webinar can determine what this or that project is.
      1. fenix55
        23.01.2019 02:49
        I wonder what they can tell there if it is HYIP and there is hardly any real activity)
    4. Dilshod
      23.01.2019 06:00
      If they had not been watched, they would not have conducted a webinar.
      1. fenix55
        24.01.2019 02:02
        and many of it and do not spend on the fact. either cancel or are set to 5 minutes)
    5. Marina
      24.01.2019 17:17
      I used to watch when I just came to HYIPs. Probably for beginners and calculated.
      1. Dilshod
        24.01.2019 22:45
        I have never looked yet.
        1. fenix55
          25.01.2019 03:18
          I was on one that went exactly 5 minutes. on the topic - the guys are us, we are alive, we are real and who have any questions .. that's all)
          1. Dilshod
            25.01.2019 04:52
            smile It is useless to watch them.