- Raising limits.

Dear investors! We continue to work steadily and delight you with constant payments. The logical continuation of our development will be the addition of new characters and increasing limits on the old ones.

This will allow you to earn even more.

Everything will happen according to the schedule below.

21.01.2019 Adding a new character Harpooner, the entire income from which will go to the balance for withdrawal.

23.01.2019 opportunity to purchase 5 gulls Stealth.

25.01.2019 opportunity to purchase 5 cats Semenov.

27.01.2019 the opportunity to purchase the fisherman Mihalych 3.

29.01.2019 opportunity to purchase 3 proglot of Beaver.

31.01.2019 opportunity to purchase Alexander Rybak 2.

2.02.2019 opportunity to purchase 2 Brute.

4.02.2019 the ability to purchase a 1 boat to the Splint.

6.02.2019 opportunity to purchase 1 son of Experienced.

8.02.2019 opportunity to purchase 1 fish ship Galya.

10.02.2019 opportunity to purchase 1 Experienced.

12.02.2019 will open a new action character - the owner of the waters - Water. You will learn about the cost and profitability on the same day.

Thank you for your trust and your reinvestments.

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  1. Dilshod
    23.01.2019 05:58
    Please answer how much you need to invest to withdraw the minimum salary every day.
    1. 4difeer666
      24.01.2019 17:19
      300 rubles will be enough!
      1. fenix55
        25.01.2019 03:20
        for 300 rubles buy fisherman Mikhalych and get a profit of 20% in 40 days.
      2. Dilshod
        25.01.2019 04:51
        Thanks for the answer. I'll try to buy
  2. Alex2601
    22.01.2019 19:34
    But if the majority of investors will reinvest, I think the project will please us for a long time! And probably the water one will cost the plane!
    1. fenix55
      23.01.2019 02:51
      I try to reinvest part of my earnings in this project. visible admin tries and develops the project.
  3. Leonidas
    22.01.2019 09:23
    I hope Misty will show himself wink
  4. fenix55
    22.01.2019 04:52
    development is good. but the main thing is that developers do not forget about advertising. at the moment, judging by the statistics, people slowly come in