- Total week for portfolio Synergy + 3.57%!

Excellent results showed investment portfolio CapEX24! Dividends already in your personal offices!

Invest, increase your capital and do not forget to please yourself and your loved ones!

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  1. Dilshod
    23.01.2019 05:53
    Good job. I wish all investors a profit.
  2. fenix55
    23.01.2019 03:00
    interesting guys really are treydengom or is it another idea of ​​the project
  3. Alex2601
    22.01.2019 19:01
    For the week 3.57%. If on average per day, then about 0,5%, it’s not even a bad result, there are projects on the blog and with less income!
  4. Leonidas
    22.01.2019 09:17
    This time the synergy pleases blush
  5. fenix55
    22.01.2019 04:58
    good result