Exparvest.com - Additional slots on investment plans "Test", "Basic" and "Standard"

Dear investors, you have a unique opportunity to create two open deposits on each tariff plan. At the same time, the conditions for creating a deposit and withdrawal of funds remain unchanged.

This expansion appeared today for investment proposals "Test","Base"And"Standard". Each of them now has two slots for deposits. This is a great opportunity to increase profits without switching to another tariff plan.

The work of our company is based on high reliability. We are proud of it and are happy to create the best offers for our investors. Join us and make a profit with Exparvest!

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  1. Dilshod
    23.01.2019 05:56
    Why many people want to invest in the piggy bank, and not in investment proposals
    1. Marina
      24.01.2019 17:19
      logically the same conclusion anytime
      1. Dilshod
        24.01.2019 22:43
        Clear. I have not invested in the piggy banks yet, I don’t know what their profit is and if I don’t withdraw money in time, then all the money
    2. fenix55
      25.01.2019 03:22
      In this project, the deposit term is small. in the foreground 7 days. but you can really keep money on the balance and get a percentage. The difference with the first plan is small. but the minimum salary is also 15 $
      1. Dilshod
        25.01.2019 04:50
        I think it would be better to invest in the foreground
  2. Alex2601
    22.01.2019 19:16
    An interesting project, a mixture of plans, there is even a mega-piggy bank with 0.1% yield per hour (2.4 per day) is not a bad percentage!
  3. udimka
    22.01.2019 01:04
    I watch the project develops briskly, just to not stumble.
    1. fenix55
      22.01.2019 04:53
      there is such a thing. Straight everywhere they say about him and many come. let's see what happens
    2. Leonidas
      22.01.2019 09:19
      Yeah, I think whether to increase
      1. fenix55
        23.01.2019 02:54
        You can throw on the balance and there will be interest charged. the only thing you need to catch the moment when it smells fried and have time to get everything out