- Technical works.

Dear investors!

21.01-22.01 will be carried out planned technical work on changing the merchant and finalizing the personal account. After the work, the company will continue to work normally.

If you have any questions at the moment - you can ask them in the chat of the Russian-speaking community. and the English-speaking community

You can also specify information from technical support. @cryptopumptech.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!

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  1. Dilshod
    23.01.2019 06:25
    Everything works well. Once continued to work mean still hold out
  2. Alex2601
    22.01.2019 19:49
    But the technical work should already come to an end, we are waiting for the launch of the platform for a long uninterrupted work!
    1. udimka
      23.01.2019 02:19
      The conclusion works all clearly, I almost did not worry)
      1. fenix55
        23.01.2019 02:47
        so they wrote that the output and input will not be available at the time of technical work smirk I did not check it myself, I have the output of the minimum salary once in 5 days
  3. Leonidas
    22.01.2019 09:29
    Take care of partners wink
  4. fenix55
    22.01.2019 04:41
    fine. Initially, when I visited this project I didn’t like it, that the site opens for a very long time or sometimes it doesn’t open at all. Now the site is working well. without brakes and other surprises
  5. udimka
    22.01.2019 01:00
    Already I can not wait for the end. I like to display every day.