- Meet the City of 2.0!

Despite the fact that it is winter in the yard, it will be hot here! 2019 year we open a wonderful update that brings to life Taxi-money even more variety!

Create your own Agency - make licenses и earn!

Become an employee of the Agency - work и earn!

Now licenses will be handled by other users.

To purchase a license, go to License Agencies

Now licenses can be up to 130 days!

Companies can extend the license term, but this will require crystals that can only be bought.

Prices for licenses will decrease, but their validity will also decrease.

Now you can regulate yourself what is more interesting to you now - a license for a long term or a cheap license?

Employees now have abilities that are pumped as they work, the higher the level of ability (for example, "Licensing"), the more benefit it brings to the company!

In the near future, we will publish in our blog full information about our new creation.

News from developers

The next step will be the transfer of car services to new rails, so that you can arrange employees, speed up the process of passing maintenance.

As well as the implementation of long-promised deputy directors and accountants.

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  1. matrix2000
    05.08.2019 03:08
    Great project sorry I don’t rummage in it
  2. Dilshod
    23.01.2019 06:28
    In this project, you can somehow play? Just like in games
  3. Alex52
    22.01.2019 19:55
    good project pays evolving
  4. Alex2601
    22.01.2019 18:23
    It seems to me that in a year another international flights will open, or there will be flights into space, but in general there will be something and it's great!