- Subtotals + 60% net profit!


The project is still in partisan mode. Advertising in the CIS is not bought, if anyone has a project from Russian-speaking bloggers, then with their deposits. At the moment, the emphasis is on Asia. The project has been on the blog for the month of 3, during this period it was possible to go through the 3 investment circle for 20 working days and earn 60% of net profit. Fine! And this is only a partisan stage.

Active deposit 0.1 BTC. The project guerrilla proves its solvency for the past 200 days. There are hints of good work!

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  1. Dilshod
    22.01.2019 04:44
    After paying out with crypto, pamp will try to enter here.
  2. Alex2601
    20.01.2019 14:16
    Today I have invested here in Minimal in bitcoins, let it drip slowly, I think the cue ball should rise in price.
  3. Marina
    20.01.2019 13:57
    Partisan, it's good, I'll go read the review. Thank.
  4. evkonti
    20.01.2019 02:37
    Thanks, Rich for the hint!
    And then I still looked narrowly at this Caribbean phenomenon and did not dare to invest there. :-)