- Weekend Promotion!

Dear players!

Earned a domain to attract foreign users.

Added column of the last referral activity in the list of referrals.

Until the end of this weekend you will have a complete collapse in prices for Russia-Invest.

Bonuses up to 40% to the account for purchases.

I bought a bank, get a broker for almost nothing.

Do not miss your chance!

From any amount + 10 % to account

From 1 500 + 15 % to account

From 10 000 + 30 % to account

From 15 000 + 40 % to account

Bonus is valid before 20 Jan 23: 59

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  1. Dilshod
    21.01.2019 04:54
    To get profit in this project, you need to become a taxi in TaxiMoney? Or just enough investment
  2. Alex2601
    19.01.2019 19:23
    Characteristic development for investment games, I’m talking about replenishment bonuses, but here there is a plus that they are valid only until January 20!
    1. udimka
      20.01.2019 02:01
      I look again with generous bonuses, but I don’t participate in the game. I don’t know what to compare these percentages with.
      1. Marina
        20.01.2019 18:30
        usually bonuses are not good, although there are always exceptions to the rules
        1. fenix55
          21.01.2019 04:43
          the project is sort of like starting a second round. the first judging by the reviews worked well. I hope not to bed so early.
    2. Leonidas
      20.01.2019 11:22
      This should be alarming.
    3. Dilshod
      22.01.2019 04:53
      They extended it to February 10, so it's worth thinking about. More and 320000 rubles contest