- Start of sales of new investment products "BitMEX" and "BitMEX PLUS"

Dear customers,

With the advent of the new year, global releases occur on the cryptocurrency market, without which it is impossible to imagine this business. The surge of activity rises above the Himalayan mountains, and the results that crypto companies and their clients achieve are exceeding all expectations. It's great.

In this regard, we are happy to inform all customers of Dominant Finance about the appearance of two new products in our lineup: investment packages "BitMEX" and "BitMEX PLUS", which give daily returns from 0.7% to 0.85% (average percentage: 0.8%) and from 0.9% to 1.05% (average percentage: 1%).

From today, you can familiarize yourself with these innovative products in the relevant section of the site:

Over the past two months, our traders consistently show a good return in the direction of margin trading, which significantly exceeds the return on investment packages in the Dominant Finance lineup. Therefore, we decided to share with our customers most of the profits and reasonably raised the profitability of our new products.

We immediately want to say that these products are not for everyone. The cost of the investment package "BitMEX" starts from $ 500and its maximum limit is $ 10.000. The investment package "BitMEX PLUS" is available for clients with a deposit from $ 20.000. For more information on price categories and yield of new products you can find on the main page of your personal account using the tables with the names of the new packages.

Dear customers of Dominant Finance,

Congratulations on this momentous event. We are sure that there is nothing better on the cryptocurrency market than to receive a new solid offer from a company that has proven itself to be reliable and dynamically developing. There are still many events ahead of us, some of which we will share with you at the next leadership congress in Turkey.

Best regards, Dominant Finance

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  1. Dilshod
    21.01.2019 04:42
    I hope they are not preparing for the scam.
  2. fenix55
    21.01.2019 04:32
    cryptoindustry is now in crisis, and the guys have some kind of development above the Himalayan mountains) is amazing ...
  3. Marina
    20.01.2019 18:23
    Yes, this entry threshold is not really for everyone. In HYIP, of course, it is dumb to enter such amounts, especially at such a work period.
  4. Alex2601
    19.01.2019 19:48
    I do not think that this is a currency gain, as the percentage of daily profitability of new plans is low and this is not attractive for a large flow of investors.
    1. udimka
      20.01.2019 01:58
      Well, in any case, if you compare with what interest were in the project before, now it has become more attractive. The threshold of entry really repels.
    2. Leonidas
      20.01.2019 11:48
      Rather, it’s created so that existing partners reinvest ... and this is a bell.