- The growth of the popularity of our project is simply enormous!

In this regard, we increase the power of our site and move to a new server even more productive and reliable!

We apologize for the technical inconvenience!

ps DNS updated during the day

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  1. fenix55
    21.01.2019 04:35
    Apparently the guys initially chose a bad server. although I did not notice any problems with the work. popularity is certainly good, but moderate. while paying, we will continue to look
  2. Marina
    20.01.2019 13:53
    It is clear now because of what the site did not work for several hours, only I saw the news. The project is not bad, an interesting design, I hope it will work well.
  3. Alex2601
    19.01.2019 19:36
    A little more than a week's game and such an increase in popularity, so long as the restart is not, I think the guys need to develop more slowly!
    1. udimka
      20.01.2019 01:59
      Well, not the fact that it really is, admins storytellers are still those.
      1. Leonidas
        20.01.2019 11:28
        Fully support!
    2. Dilshod
      21.01.2019 04:46
      The list of recent scams is increasing. I think this project will soon be on that list although I don’t want it
      1. Marina
        21.01.2019 11:44
        Let us hope that you are mistaken, there are a lot of our people there, in which case the insurance will not help either.