- Together we can do more!

Keeping the best traditions, the company conquers new heights and expands the horizons of international cooperation. This time it is amazing in its diversity Argentina - a bright colorful country, a country for those who "have already seen a lot" and for whom this is not enough.

Representative of the company Cointonix already on the way and we believe that our cooperation with partners from Argentina will be the beginning of a strong and long friendship. We will deepen relations with existing customers, offer them more services and strive to bring our cooperation to a new level that meets mutual interests and contemporary realities.

We will keep you updated and share news directly from the scene.

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  1. Marina
    20.01.2019 18:28
    Judging by the fact that this is a low percentage, it can only be said at the initial stage of development.
    1. fenix55
      21.01.2019 04:38
      now there is little predictable in the hip industry. Comrades can roll shop without any reason and unexpectedly.
  2. Alex2601
    19.01.2019 19:29
    This company probably wants to capture the whole world, but we must not forget that this is a hyip, only it can be of the highest level of preparation.
    1. udimka
      20.01.2019 02:00
      They say that here the admin experience, well, look at what he can do.
      1. Leonidas
        20.01.2019 11:21
        From infa? Just at the first meeting, the admin admitted that he had no experience with HYIPs.