- Added Ethereum - a new progressive step.

The third most popular coin in the world Ethereum now available on the platform Bizzilion. From now on, you can invest using one of the most sought-after cryptocurrencies.

This innovation is also aimed at providing every investor with the opportunity to distribute personal funds on the platform in any convenient proportions. Now you can not only increase your funds, but also, analyzing the cryptocurrency market, protect yourself from the course volatility. Continuous development and self-improvement, which is the rule of any successful company, is the main credo of Bizzilion.

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  1. Leonidas
    15.01.2019 11:11
    Chet long they tied him
    1. udimka
      15.01.2019 23:00
      On the contrary, I think that plus is developing smoothly and there is still much to be done.
      1. Alex2601
        16.01.2019 08:30
        Yes, I agree with you, if you cram the entire crypt into the project in one moment, many wallets, invest a lot in advertising, and so on. !