- More than 80 days since the launch of the platform. - More than 80 days since the launch of the platform.

Hello to all investors Bitaeon - number one online investment platform! Once again, we would like to express our gratitude and thank you for choosing us. After resting, we are back at work to provide you with the best investment experience. Much has happened since the last report, and we have prepared a brief summary for you.

First, we have exceeded 80 days on the Internet since our platform has been open to public investors. These days you have exceeded all our expectations and continue to amaze us with your constant support. We have achieved + 210% in profit and we are getting stronger every day.

24 December We have taken the first steps to launch our own Cryptocoin BitAeon. For a limited time, the amount of 3% of your daily profit will be added to your BitAeon Coin balance. These coins will be used in closed testing, and you can send, exchange and spend these coins when we launch our cryptocurrency. You can see how many BitAeon coins you received on your toolbar.

We once again urge our clients to ensure that their accounts are safe. We observed and prevented numerous attempts when intruders try to gain access to our members ’accounts. Unfortunately, we are not always able to detect these violations, as some of the intruders hacked (or stole) all access data and managed to transfer funds without any security checks. To protect your account, enable 2FA (two-factor authentication) and change your passwords regularly.

When accessing our website, double check the domain name to make sure that it is correct:

When using Telegram, make sure that you only communicate with official accounts:

Telegram Support Profile - @BitAeon

And our official international group chats:

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We have done everything to ensure the safety of your data, but you also need to ensure their safety.

everyday Bitaeon continues to attract new audiences around the world.

If you have written a review about our platform, be sure to let us know, and we can include your post in the next report.

Thank you all and see you at the next one.

BitAeon Team

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  1. Alex2601 16 January 2019 08: 41

    The project seems to me to be kept on a very popular advertising in most countries, this is the merit of the administrator unconditionally!
    A complaint
    1. udimka 27 January 2019 01: 20

      It is really interesting how it develops abroad.
      A complaint
      1. Dilshod 27 January 2019 10: 15

        The project is developing very much everywhere due to such a long work.
        A complaint
  2. Leonidas 15 January 2019 11: 13

    "These days you have exceeded all our expectations and continue to amaze us with your constant work" we can say that blush
    A complaint
    1. udimka 15 January 2019 23: 14

      Yes, I'm in shock. Well, if the admin gives more 300% then this will be a new record among the piggy banks lately.
      A complaint