- More security and flexibility for you! - More security and flexibility for you!

Dear Community,

Our business has developed incredibly well over the past 9 months, and we are proud of the achievements we have achieved so far, and we thank each user for their trust in our company.

Now we take one more step and make working with our company more convenient and safer.

We are currently working with an insurance company that will allow our investors to insure their investments so that they can release their investment package at any time and return their investments back.

We also have several new features:

Now users can reinvest funds directly from their account, website or Telegram Bot. This way, you can create another package right from your bottom line.

For this, all investors received their pin-code via email. The PIN code is necessary for re-investment, and in the future, as soon as negotiations and the contractual framework with the insurance company are held, it will be important to free your investment from our Trading AI at any time.

To do this, we had to stop the automatic payments, but you do not need to worry about the payment, now you just need to make a simple click on the website or in the telegram bot to request payment.

Payment will be made in a few minutes to your wallet.

Be prepared for a very successful future.

Richard Green | CEO Doubly Ltd

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Комментарии (3)

  1. Alex2601 16 January 2019 08: 24

    It seems that the percentage of daily returns is not small, but 2 has been working for a month, crypto developers seem to me more long-term projects than fiat ones, well, of course, much depends on the admin yet!
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  2. udimka 15 January 2019 23: 15

    Eh, a good project, and I missed it for some reason. Over long distances, my instinct often fails me.
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  3. Leonidas 15 January 2019 11: 10

    More means work wink
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