The best and reliable bookmakers on the Internet 2019

Everyone knows that the key to successful bets is not only a competent analysis of sporting events, but also a successful choice of a reliable betting company. It's no secret that even an experienced bettor often has to migrate from one office to another. This is due to various peculiarities of the bookmaker's work, which can sometimes contradict the normal betting process. For example, not all bookmakers offer a "deep list" of odds on the outcome of an event, which may impede the passage of any capper strategy. Some do not have a user-friendly interface and site design, as well as mobile applications. But the most dangerous thing is that some "beeches" fix problems for withdrawing a deposit to profitable bettors. In this article we will figure out how to choose a bookmaker and consider the main popular bookmakers.

How to choose a bookmaker?

To begin with, you need to understand that both official and unofficial bookmakers are represented on the market. What is the difference between them? Since 2014, all official bookmakers are required to be integrated with the Internet Betting Acceptance Accounting Center (CUPIS). This means that tax is automatically paid on each profit from the rate: 13% for citizens of the Russian Federation and 30% for citizens of other CIS countries. Therefore, many bq went into the shadows. Their sites began to be actively blocked by Roskomnadzor. To bet in an official bookmaker's office, a person needs to be identified not only on the bookmaker's website, but also on the website of the First TsUPIS Naturally, the majority of beginners and experienced betters choose precisely the offices blocked in the territory of the Russian Federation. To bypass these locks is quite simple by using VPNs or mirrors, but in most cases working with them is easier.

As mentioned above, some offices are beginning to "cut" the coefficients of successful players. This problem, unfortunately, can not be avoided. That is why the stakes are not the golden cornucopia. If you find that the office cuts the odds for you personally, then you must immediately withdraw all funds and transfer to another bookmaker office. 

When choosing BK, pay attention to:

  • The magnitude of the coefficients and the painting of events in the line and in the live;
  • Presence of the world license and the license of the Russian Federation;
  • Number of connected systems for withdrawals;
  • Availability of mobile and computer betting applications;
  • Availability and efficiency of technical support;

Now that you know all the pitfalls when choosing a bookmaker, let's move on to describing the most popular and reliable bookmakers. 

Bookmaker 1XBET

The bookmaker 1xbet does not have official registration in Russia, but nevertheless ranks first in popularity among all the offices on the Internet. Access to it can be obtained through the official mirror or vpn.

The demand for the bookmaker 1xbet is justified by the fact that it is suitable for almost all strategies in live and line, as it supports all sports, offers different outcomes of events and is not greedy when setting rates. It is convenient to install via 1xbet: there is a site with convenient and clear interfaces, a mobile application for Android and iOS, a client for computer bets and even a browser that provides uninterrupted access to the site. In addition, the office works with all popular means of payment. The account can be replenished through credit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrency. All of the above makes starting in bets along with 1xbet the softest and most convenient. Read a detailed review of 1XBET.

Bookmaker LEON

Bookmaker LEON is officially registered in the Russian Federation. This means that the company operates on the Internet through MCCIS. The site is simple and concise, allowing you to quickly switch between games. In addition, LEON sportsbook has an official Android application. The downside of bc is that it does not offer online broadcasting of sporting events and has a small scan of the possible outcomes of a sporting event.

The bookmaker works with all popular payment systems. I am glad that the minimum bet size is 5 rubles, which will allow you to test any strategy not only on paper, but also using real bets with minimal amounts. Read a detailed review of LEON.

Bookmaker FONBET

Bookmaker FONBET It is considered to be the most powerful and well-known official bookmaker office in the Russian Federation. The presence of a license of the Russian Federation means that the office holds 13% of the amount of the gain in the form of tax.

BC site is understandable and convenient. Pleases really a huge selection of sporting events and outcomes. In addition, there is an official Android and iOS application. Also, the bookmaker FONBET has the largest number of ground points in Russia, which makes the betting process even more convenient. Read a detailed review of FONBET.


Another official bookmaker - WINLINE, which carries out its financial activities through the CUPIS. The office has a widely painted line, which attracts a lot of betters' attention. Betting in live mode in bk is quite convenient, since there is a good sorting of sports events and online broadcasting. The site as a whole is clear and pleasant, there are official Android and iOS applications, which makes it possible to place bets regardless of the presence of a computer at hand. Bk winline works with all popular payment systems. Read a detailed review of WINLINE.


Bookmaker BETSITI also has official registration on the territory of Russia and works through TsUPIS. The platform is quite young, because it has been operating on the Internet only since 2017. In addition to the website, the office has more than 150 land-based betting points, which allows betters from large cities to create bets right in the office.

The advantage of BC betcity is a well-painted sporting events and moderate coefficients. For the convenience of users, Android and iOS applications have been created. The office works with most popular payment systems, which are enough for almost everyone. Read a detailed review of BETSITI.

Bookmaker Olympus

Activities bookmaker OLIMP largely aimed at the people of Russia and the former Soviet Union. There is a mobile version of the site, Android and iOS applications, as well as online chat support. Events are painted quite volume. I am glad that there is a video broadcast of sports events. Work on the reception and withdrawal of funds is carried out through TsUPIS. Read a detailed review of OLIMP.


Now you have got acquainted with the most popular bookmakers on the Internet and the main criteria for their selection. In addition, we have prepared a separate review of each company, which includes descriptions of the main pitfalls when working with it. Having studied them, you will be able to choose exactly what will be the best for you for a smooth and quick start in the world of betting!

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  1. delix
    27.06.2020 13:09
    Thank you for the article
  2. Mark2012
    02.11.2019 19:52
    Beckmecker Leon, in principle, is not bad, the choice of bets is more interesting than in others, but there were problems with access, which is why I switched to winline
  3. Mark2012
    11.10.2019 22:06
    Winline reliable office, already put in it
  4. matrix2000
    29.05.2019 00:02
    In my practice I used 1hbet, there were problems with the withdrawal of those support, I solved my problems and they made concessions to me.
  5. 4difeer666
    02.05.2019 23:35
    I always played Parimatch, I don’t know why they don’t appreciate it so much. As for me, the best BK
  6. Saschaaa
    02.05.2019 21:24
    Because I’ve been in the bookmaker for a long time, I want to say the most reliable is 1hbet, although it is illegal, but it never cuts kefs, and bans do not come just like that, unlike legal ones) So I advise everyone to 1bet
  7. LegenDa
    07.02.2019 08:49
    I had heard a lot about bookmakers and almost all of the above names are well known. I will sort this out
  8. Dilshod
    15.01.2019 04:13
    When I put only 1XBET used
    1. Asmadai
      15.01.2019 23:59
      And what, normally always deduced ??
  9. Alex2601
    14.01.2019 17:52
    As if he had an idea about these offices, he even registered and put it a couple of times, but did not know that experienced forecasters were cut back in odds or banyat.
    1. udimka
      15.01.2019 02:13
      It's a shame of course that this happens.
      1. Asmadai
        15.01.2019 08:41
        It's a shame, but nothing can be done, this is a business, they have their own rules
    2. Asmadai
      15.01.2019 08:40
      Of course, this is a business, no one will allow you to draw money from them for a long time, in the rules for each BC it is written that they can block your account, without explanation of reasons, a cool fad) but there are also good BC, not European
  10. evkonti
    14.01.2019 16:51
    Now you enlighten me about the bookmakers. I honestly had no idea before this post that there was any difference between them.
    While reading the post, I have already planned with myself what guys I played on the stakes. Thanks for the valuable information!

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    1. Asmadai
      15.01.2019 23:59
      And which offices have chosen, if not a secret?