EinhornCoin.com - Company Directive in the 2019 Year.

Good evening, Dear customers and partners!

In this appeal, we would like to provide the latest information on open investment accounts of clients. As you remember, in mid-December, due to the fall in the cryptocurrency market, the subsequent uncertain stagnation and some other consistent facts, the overwhelming majority of the clients' investment accounts were in a drawdown (trading losses). This fact led us to a difficult decision to break earlier in order to protect client accounts from margin calls (forced loss fixation). Unfortunately, in view of the ongoing stagnation, the situation only worsened and we had to reform both the trading department and abandon old products and develop new ones, since the old ones did not prove their suitability for long-term passive market declines.

As a result, a negative situation with investment accounts is the impossibility of closing a portfolio, partial withdrawal of funds from investment accounts.

In view of the involvement of personal account funds within the marginal security of investment accounts, the impossibility of full or partial transfer of funds both within the company (transfer / exchange / purchase) and to details outside the company (accounts of other payment systems).

Once again, we would like to explain how our customers make a profit - solely at the expense of the company's future / recorded profit. The company's income is made up of commissions; for many, the client’s income, as many have already guessed, the company does not receive any profits from clients ’accounts as much as the clients themselves. For this reason, partner payments are also frozen until the situation is resolved.

In the next couple of days, we will update the product line in your account and open access to creating operations for funds that were not involved in the trading situation that took place (they were transferred to the platform no earlier than 10 in January 2019 of the year). Problems with old investment accounts will not affect the work of new products, as well as the work of partners. All operations with new investment accounts will be held in accordance with established regulations (up to 24 hours, the average transaction processing rate).

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