What are high-yield HYIPs and how to choose a quality HYIP for investment?

What are high-yield HYIPs and how to choose a quality HYIP for investment?

If you are reading this article, then you probably often thought about the possibility of investing in the Internet. As you already understood, there are many investment funds offering higher interest rates than in a bank. One of the most preferred categories of such projects for most people are highly profitable HYIP projects. A logical question arises: what is a HYIP project, what are its signs and how to make money on HYIP?

What is a HYIP project?

Hype - an investment project that provides its investors with high interest rates through the redistribution of funds between participants. The term "HYIP" is derived from the English abbreviation HYIP - High Yield Investment Program, which translates as "highly profitable investment program."

By their nature, HYIPs are typical financial pyramids, so investing in them is quite a risky business. But, as they say, who does not risk, he does not drink champagne! HYIPs allow you to successfully multiply even small amounts of investments. Therefore, high-yield investments in HYIP projects are a reality! Earnings in this area is to select a good project, invest in it while the main stream of contributions is going on, and then go out with a profit! 

What are the signs of HYIP projects?

Good investment funds are often made in such a way that they are difficult to distinguish from a pyramid scheme. Therefore, here are the main signs of a hype:

  • Unjustifiably high returns, many times higher than the interest in banks. Recall that now the majority of Russian banks pay about 7% per year (very tempting, is not it?).
  • The lack of a license from the Bank of Russia to attract depositors and official registration.
  • Denial of possible risks.
  • The lack of information about the real assets of the company.
  • Hushing up the general financial statistics and economic activities of the company.

As you can see, in addition to online platforms, most microfinance organizations and consumer credit cooperatives, which are also financial pyramids, fall under this definition. But their essence is most terrible, because they attract into their ranks innocent citizens who do not know exactly where they are investing. The beauty of HYIP projects is that every attracted investor is aware of the possible risks! There are many informational materials aimed at training beginners, so the possibility of ignoring the basic rules of the game is excluded. We strongly recommend that you read our section with useful articles

How to choose a high-quality HYIP yourself?

When choosing a good project you need to look at many factors:

  1. Design. When you get to the site of an investment fund, the first thing that catches your eye is its design. As the saying goes: "meet on clothes, and escorted by the mind"Therefore, it is necessary that the design of the HYIP is unique, modern and understandable. It should attract new users, not push them away.
  2. Legend and texts. The essence of a good HYIP is to convince everyone of their reality. activities. Of course, you cannot believe in it, but the legend, nevertheless, should be well and detailed, avoiding the presence of grammatical errors.  
  3. Official registration of the company. It's great when the project is registered in any country of the world, officially documented. This leads to greater trust among investors and speaks about the costs of the administrator.
  4. Marketing. The cornerstone of the productive work of HYIP is the tariff terms of the program. It is necessary that the plans were moderate and balanced in terms of profitability. It is impossible that in the tariffs there was a significant bias in the direction of increasing profitability depending on the amount of investment of a certain amount. 
  5. The technical component of the site. In order for investment project investors to always have access to it, it is necessary that the site has a high-quality DDOS protection, a licensed or unique script, and an SSL certificate.
  6. Social networks and administrator accessibility for communication. Investors should always have uninterrupted contact with the creator of the project. If the administrator is hiding somewhere and it is very difficult to “reach out” to him, then this is an unkind sign.
  7. Investor reviews. Before investing, you need to look for feedback from other contributors to the project to ensure its solvency. You can find proof of payments on the forum. mmgp and on our monitoring, because In the subject of each project, we and our partners publish real confirmations of payments and deposits.
  8. Advertising promotion of the company. The main engine of the hype is the constant attraction of new members. Therefore, you need to monitor the progress of the project you are considering. It is good when the administration buys advertising smoothly and gradually, because this contributes to the balance of the balance in the cash desk of the investment fund.

Selecting good projects will help you our blog and monitoring RichMonkey.biz. We select high-quality HYIPs of various yields, invest in them and publish honest reports on their solvency. For each project we attach our personal opinion, which will be useful for determining the standing fund. In addition, we pay generous bonuses from partners' deposits and for some projects we offer insurance aimed at reducing the risks of investing. Read more about this in the section: "about us».

What are the features of high-yield HYIP projects?

All HYPs are divided into categories, depending on profitability. High-yield investments in HYIP projects implies more than 60% per monthHighly profitable are consistently popular, but they have greater risks compared to other projects.


In conclusion, I would like to say that HYIP projects are a very promising and popular tool for passive earnings. With proper selection of investment funds, you can make a balanced investment portfolio, bringing high profits. It is necessary to analyze the incoming information, learn the strategies and basic rules of work in the industry. Invest with RichMonkey.biz and be successful!

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