- PerfectMoney and Payeer have been added.

Dear Bluesky Invest Community,

We are very pleased to announce that the toolbar USD for the bluesky platform is now available! You can replenish and withdraw funds through PerfectMoney и Payeer on its toolbar in US dollars.

Thank you, Bluesky Invest team

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  1. Leonidas
    08.01.2019 16:48
    So you can still twist the deposit for several days wink
    1. udimka
      09.01.2019 14:42
      It is not always worth judging by this parameter, but this piggy bank is in wide demand. I certainly liked it, but I did not expect so much good results.
    2. Alex2601
      09.01.2019 16:19
      And if I see a specific sign, then I’ll leave the project, if not, I’ll drive my deposit to the victorious, although in such projects everything ends abruptly, just to be in time for profit!
  2. Alex2601
    08.01.2019 07:37
    And yesterday I registered with BlueSkyInvest, I wanted to throw a deposit in the cue ball, but it turned out that I could have added it in dollars, recently added it, and finally decided to invest in dollars.
    1. udimka
      09.01.2019 14:43
      I look at the piggy banks unexpectedly well lately, before you could count good projects with such marketing on your fingers.
      1. Alex2601
        09.01.2019 16:22
        It just seems to me that Rich thoroughly studied these piggy banks before monitoring them on his blog!
        1. udimka
          10.01.2019 16:21
          As practice shows, it is never known how everything will end, because everything is in the hands of the administrator, but the fact that the project looks good can be seen with the naked eye. But it often happens that the wrapper is beautiful, but in fact, then bystroskam or vice versa, all the same, HYPs are in part a tape measure.