- Why do we recommend you to use Electrum wallet?

We stand for Electrum ( Or Bitcoin Core ( as the main bitcoin wallet.

The best bitcoin wallet is the bitcoin core ( It is sometimes very difficult to keep your wallet up to date and load the entire bitcoin chain.

That is why we can recommend that you use the Electrum light wallet as your main bitcoin wallet:

Why do we recommend you use this wallet?

We recommend this wallet to you, because you store coins on your PC, and do not store coins on third-party resources, such as coinbase, jaxx, etc.

But why?

1. Not for the first time, some of our clients are faced with a situation where third-party wallets sometimes do not add coins to their customers' wallets. And our clients should contact their support services regarding the problem with the blockchain history of their wallets.

2. You cannot predict the future of such sites in the future, instead of copying your wallet to your computer or USB-drive with your money.

We care about our customers and do not want them to face any unpleasant situations in the future due to the fault of a third party.

Sincerely, DER Global Limited

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  1. udimka
    08.01.2019 01:33
    Well, there is already a matter of convenience, I personally use the blockchain and so far, ugh, he did not let me down.
  2. Leonidas
    07.01.2019 18:46
    I also use electrum - I like it a lot, you can adjust the commission wink
  3. Alex2601
    07.01.2019 17:31
    It was this news that did not affect me, I work on this project only with payers and bucks.