- Updates the start of 2019 of the year.

Good day, dear partners!

The New Year holidays are coming to an end, and we didn’t notice them, worked for you without days off. In January and February there will be a lot of interesting and new things:

1. The site will translate into at least 7 foreign languages. We enter the world market. 2. Personal account updates will continue, a person’s success statistics on passive income and active promotion will be added.
3. We integrate the smart contract under the loan.
4. We will launch a new trading platform with our investment plans and affiliate program.
5. We will release our online casino with documents confirming that the casino has licenses for its activities.
6. We will open the first official offices of the company in Kazakhstan.
7. We will hold the first event for partners in Kazan 26-27 in January, where prizes will be awarded to active partners, meeting with the director and many other interesting things.
8. We will continue to open offices for active partners in Russia and Ukraine.
9. We register a company in at least 3 countries.

And this is only part of what is planned for the coming months. Follow the news, subscribe to our channel in the telegram.

With us, success is guaranteed!

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  1. Alex2601
    07.01.2019 17:25
    Not for yourself, yes, this is not a hyip, this is a real office or a bank, and yes even the official online casino. The near future is promising, but who knows their capabilities!
    1. Leonidas
      07.01.2019 18:44
      Yes she is a HYIP ... who will be the crypt as a pledge to leave when it is more profitable to sell blush
    2. udimka
      08.01.2019 01:34
      In Keshbury, too, there was a lot of things, but this is just a HYIP, but if you reach the level of Keshbury, you can make very good money.