EinhornCoin.com - New Year Break (23.12 - 08.01).

Dear investors and partners, we hasten to tell you that from today Glarioza Buisness Inc. and the Einhorn Coin platform staff leaves for the New Year break and will return to full-time work from 8 January. The company made this decision due to the terrible situation on the market - a strong fall and a long flat, “exhausting” our trading accounts with commissions and swaps, enriching the stock exchange.

It is also worth noting the incredible burden on the company's employees and consulting companies engaged in working with clients, since unfortunately not all clients understand the specifics of the financial markets.

Now about this period and trade. During this period, there will not be at least some work of the company - operations of depositing funds, opening portfolios, withdrawing funds and exchanging will not be processedSince all the forces of our company will be directed to the preservation of customer accounts, as well as technical work on the platform. Contact with the company will also be available via online chat.

If you need information on your particular account and how you can contribute to our work, you will need to apply for mail ferber@einhorncoin.com from the mail to which you have registered an account. After filling out the questionnaire, your contacts will be referred to the crisis manager, who will contact you as soon as possible.

We are in a hurry to declare and reassure our loyal customers that under no circumstances and circumstances will the company be liquidated, closed down or otherwise suspend its operations. In the future, we plan to take into account all the events in trade (we are already developing strategies that will reduce the risk of recurrence of situations) and in working with clients (we were wrong in assuming that our clients know about such market risks and are ready for them and therefore, we will try to highlight in detail the situation of the past two months to warn new customers).

Regards, Einhorn Coin Platform Team.

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  1. Lavr
    12.01.2019 10:07
    That's all .... Yesterday, I felt so hot .....
  2. udimka
    30.12.2018 22:30
    All the same, this year too many projects are going on holidays.