Think of a creative slogan and try your luck! Prize pool: 50 $

Competition organizer:

Bizzilion - A project with great potential for long-term work, cool performance and with proper development can take a place among the top projects in 2019. Yield from 0.8 to 1.2% in a day! Going with us, you could already earn more 30% arrived! Fine!

Domain Name 2007 have a road map, a unique non-standard legend, an interesting design, and judging by the tabs, it is planned to add six languages, including Russian. Accepts only BitCoin and, ideally, new replenishment methods, we should see only after the new year, as well as additional investment plans. A quality project is not only in terms of technical training, but also the elaboration of a legend of activity, content, and documentation. A moderate balanced marketing, interest and plans are just right for promotion during the holiday period.

Trust in the project is expressed by the size of our deposit. Our contribution: 1500 $. Also do not forget on the project there is a bonus from the deposit 6%.


It is required to come up with an interesting slogan, or a phrase that describes the project!

You also need to have an active deposit in the project, for any amount, and you do not have to be personally our partner in the project!

In the comments write your options and specify your login in the project!

Prizes and results:

The result will be summed up 10-th January! The prize is one! The winner chosen by the project administration will receive 50$! You can send many options, the more - the higher the chance to win!

Applications are accepted until 7-th January, until 23.59 hours in Moscow! Be careful!

All festive mood and profit! :)

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  1. ataman
    11.01.2019 15:56
    Thank you :)
    About getting accomplish your goal
    1. richmonkey
      11.01.2019 20:29
      Transaction 50.00 USD on U3922484 account has been successfully completed.

      Number operations #: 242427239

      Time: 01.11.2019, 17: 13
  2. evkonti
    09.01.2019 17:24
    Good Competition .. sorry that I missed him and did not participate. :-(
  3. maxt28
    08.01.2019 22:03
    Look up, believe in yourself, fling open your wings in the same breath with BIZZILIOn, you will succeed ...
  4. 4difeer666
    05.01.2019 23:20
    1. Bizzilion - Broadcasts that you need to earn!
    2. Bizzilion - broadcasts On which you need to earn !!
    3. Bizzilion - Earn on the most proven broadcast!
    4. Bizzilion - Earn on the most proven broadcast!
    5. Bizzilion - If there is a great goal before you, and your possibilities are limited, do it anyway, invest with us!
    6. If you are still limited, still go ahead, invest with us!

    4difeer666 0.01 btc
  5. 4difeer666
    03.01.2019 22:40
    1. Bizzilion - A project from which it is simply impossible to be disappointed!
    2. Bizzilion - it is simply impossible to be disappointed!

    4difeer666 0.01BTC
  6. 4difeer666
    25.12.2018 19:14
    Once on the site Bizzilion - you start earning every day. Carry out all the dreams of the people - buying the rights to the 3 stream. Everyone to choose their own - Invest, earn wisely!

    4difeer666 0.01BTC
  7. Batia777
    25.12.2018 16:01
    Acquire broadcast rights:
    - sporting events,
    - television programs
    - computer games
    with the help of Bizzilion media agency and become richer every day !!!
    Trust, Success and Wealth! Three in one! This is the motto of the agency Bizzilion !!!

    (login in the project Batia777, contribution 0,02ВТС, I am a referral)
  8. 4difeer666
    23.12.2018 21:05
    Enter your nickname in the project, if you are in it and have an active deposit!
    1. serfer622
      23.12.2018 22:27
      Nick serfer622, there is no deposit for the pack, but to buy a sauoberayus, I just don’t know much about crypto, I’m sure about the old damn))) I understand a little bit of a pack)
      The prize is not needed just passed and tried to participate, I apologize if I took your time
  9. serfer622
    23.12.2018 20:34
    Earn a million with the -bizzilion project
  10. vaschamascha
    23.12.2018 16:04
    sorry missed ....
    1. albinanurm
      23.12.2018 16:21
      it's not too late to start. I'm going to increase after entering a new tariff. let's see what will happen. there must be something interesting and this is still partisan tariffs
      1. pupsik
        23.12.2018 17:09
        and when will the new rates be?
        1. richmonkey
          23.12.2018 21:52
          in January according to the idea