Results of the end of 2018 in the field of HYIP

From the author:

2018 is nearing the end of the year and it's time to take stock of our investments. We gave the last report in the summer, but since that time a lot of interesting things happened, and most importantly, we again earned good capital with you despite the difficult situation on the market of HYIP projects. Let us remember and calculate where we invested and what came of it in the end.

Analytics and numbers

From September to December inclusive of 2018, according to non-official data, the order of the 2490 HYIP project was launched. Toward the end of the year, the number of high-quality new products decreased.

Main events

One of the main events is, of course, the fall in the price of cryptocurrency and, in particular, Bitcoin. If at the end of 2017 the cryptocurrency made us happy with colossal growth and the price of Bitcoin reached $ 20, now the market has turned around and the price of Bitcoin has dropped to $ 000. You don't need to be a tough analyst to understand that the Chinese withdrawal from the market and the prohibition of cryptocurrency in their countries resonated, or maybe this whole topic was their well-planned idea to make a huge fortune on the sale of mining equipment. All this, of course, is just speculation, let's see how the market will behave further, we continue to believe and hope for the future of cryptocurrencies.

I would like to note the innovation of the HYIP admins who have made for us a new type of HYIP project based on Ethereum smart contracts. This is truly an innovation and a step into the future, a real transparent scheme for reallocating funds. In fact, a smart contract is a kind of code that can no longer be edited and edited, this code simply contains an algorithm for redistributing funds between participants (investors) and the administrator simply receives the percentage specified in the code, but cannot pick up the entire cash register at once. If the smart contract is also audited by independent experts, then this guarantees the absence of holes and clever hidden schemes. In addition, all statistics on the volume of deposits and balances in the cash desk are open to everyone and cannot be screwed up. It turns out a real transparent scheme without deception based on the principle of redistribution of funds. Unfortunately, the investor accepted the smart contract as an ordinary HYIP project and, due to the cunning, due to open statistics, he simply killed the idea without giving it proper development. The investor loves beautiful promises of admins, hand-drawn statistics with a constant increase in deposits, and not open source. But we hope that in the future the smart contract will still be adequately recognized by the HYIP audience and will prove to us that transparent code and marketing honesty are much better than fraud and promises of admins.

Hype leaders

We remind you that the site Rich Monkey pays the return of referral fees, as well as compensation for projects, which reduces the risk of loss to our partners.

We select three TOP projects that were on our site. All calculations are subject to referral fees.

Splitt - a well-assembled HYIP project with various chips showed a good result and proved to many that there are still powerful administrators who can work and give profit to investors. Everyone could earn money here, the project was monitored 130 days while marketing from 2,64% per day. Our contribution was 5000 $. We got 6802 $. Net profit is 1802 $. The maximum you can earn up to 316% of the deposit amount at the minimum rate. The contributions of our investors amounted to 24332,5 $ while those investors who joined the Split site late and did not have time to profit, received large compensations.

Singitcorp The site showed a very long working life and at the same time gave a lot of money to many. The project was on monitoring 214 days with marketing from 0,75% per day. We did not appreciate the project from the start, so we invested not a large amount of 300 $, but we were able to more than double it - we got 780 $. The net profit is 480 $.  Great job admin. The maximum you can earn up to 180% of the deposit amount at the minimum rate.

Ellaos  it was an excellent project, showed decent work and smooth development. Here we doubled our contribution, which was $ 1600 and got a profit of $ 3212. The net profit is 1612$ ... It was possible to earn as much as possible up to 60% of the deposit amount at the minimum tariff. The deposits of our investors amounted to $ 14212.21, while those investors who joined the Ellaos platform late and did not manage to get profit received large compensations.

Total TOP projects brought to us 3894$

Normally spent projects

Token logic The middleman showed good work and made money, developed quite smoothly, which attracted our attention. When marketing from 3% per day, 41 worked a day. Our contribution was 650 $. We got a profit of 1067 $. Net profit is 417 $.  The maximum you could earn up to 123% of the deposit amount at the minimum rate.

ICO with me a good hyip project from the telegram bots section, reminded all investors that this direction is still profitable and working. An insider walked through the admin on the Internet, which was used to motivate partners to make contributions, perhaps he reduced the longevity of the project. But it's worth noting that the result is still very impressive. With marketing from 3% per day, I worked 66 days. Our contribution was $ 1000. Got a profit of $ 1260. The net profit is 260 $.  The maximum you could earn up to 198% of the deposit amount at the minimum rate.

Cryptodon Company  Although we didn’t notice the project right away and the percentage was quite aggressive, but the admin showed a good result and made many people profit, while marketing from 5% per day, he worked 56 days. Our contribution was 200 $. Gained a profit of $ 357. Net profit is 157 $. The maximum you could earn up to 280% of the deposit amount at the minimum rate.

Avtomain  a low profiter with not a high percentage showed a fairly good result and a long stable job. Gave to make an investor and this is important. When marketing from 0,75% per day, the 334 of the day worked. Our contribution was 300 $. Gained a profit of $ 366. Net profit is 66 $. The maximum you could earn up to 167% of the deposit amount at the minimum rate.

Crypto machine The project showed a good job, but we did not have time to stop here and caught a small minus. The admin still showed decent results and many of our partners got a good profit. When marketing from 1,2% per day, worked 69 days. Our contribution was 200 $. Received payments in the amount of 156 $. The loss is -46 $. The project passed 3 full circle in the foreground 1,2% during 20 days and in total could give the investor + 72% to the sum of the contribution.

Total from the category worked fine, we were given to earn  854$

Projects for which there were hopes

Hotel Franchise The project had everything to become one of the top market leaders, but showed a very weak result. Only one lap passed according to the first plan, it was not clear why the admin made such a short plan at all, if, as it turned out, he was afraid of the first influx of cunning. When marketing from 1% per day, worked 19 days. Our contribution was 1000 $. Received payments in the amount of 1114 $. Net profit is 114 $. 

Coin Terminal  a well-prepared site at first showed a smooth development and gave very great prospects, but then it started just like a snowball to recruit advertising without sparing cash. The result is simply no work, the administration was not set up at all for long-term work. When marketing from 0,9% per day, worked 20 days. Our contribution was 1000 $. Received payments in the amount of 815 $. The loss is -185 $.

Coinvus well-assembled site with a very strong admin, who was talked about almost from the start. Well, as usual, the insider at the start is no work. The admin frankly used his previous reputation for collecting deposits from investors and closing. When marketing from 0,94% per day, worked 20 days. Our contribution was 300 $. Received payments in the amount of 132 $. The loss is -168 $.

Oasis space The first smart contract on the blog went lumpy. Above, we described all the charm of this direction, there is a prospect here that not many see. Scum projects in this area are largely due to investors, the admin here is essentially the same investor, but at a higher percentage. Therefore, if investors help to support and develop, it works transparently and honestly, even more honestly than mutual aid funds, where foremen and guardians share the cash desk. When marketing from 3% per day, worked 27 days. Our contribution was 3 Eth (at the rate as of the date of investing 618 $). Received payments in the amount of 2,1586 Eth (at the rate as of the date of investment 466 $). The loss is -152 $.

ElirtexThe project was good, showed a normal result and many people earned it, but we noticed it a bit late and our expectations did not materialize. When marketing from 15% a week worked 148 days. Our contribution was 3500 $. Received payments in the amount of 2763 $. The loss is -737 $.

Sportvest Capital there were ambitious plans for this project, a very high-quality and well-received HYIP by investors. We entered it as soon as it appeared, so we got a profit, but the administration decided to collect all the investors' deposits at the peak of its development, although it was all for work. When marketing from 1,8% per day, worked 57 days. Our contribution was 1000 $. Gained a profit of $ 6115. Net profit is 5115 $.

Total we earned 3987$

Quick scam projects

Projects that simply didn’t plan any work collected money and were banged. Unfortunately, experienced investors can fall for this. Often, administrators hone their skills and reputation, then just throw at the peak.

BeKing  project legend, how could he be in the fast scam category? In fact, everything is simple, the project showed an excellent result at the stage of partisanism, but as soon as it moved into the active phase, it simply collected deposits and closed. Our contribution was 1000 $. Received payments in the amount of 298 $. The loss is -702 $.

Mining economy it was a real divorce not only of investors, but also of bloggers from the administration with a reputation. The administration went out on personal contacts with bloggers and promised to work honestly with guaranteed profitability, and if there was a force majeure, the admin promised to get into debt, but not fall face in the dirt. Many hoped that in such a difficult period with HYIP projects it would finally turn out to be a normal job. But everything was an ordinary lie and divorce, no one went to the plus and did not even return his. When marketing from 0,65% per day, the 32 of the day worked. Our contribution was 2000 $. Brought 1041 $. Loss is -959 $

To The Moon the project died before it was born. Thanks to the insider on-line and the ability to work on the posting and advertising of signatures, the MMGP forum members immediately got a massive anti-PR campaign. Also, some of the information resources voiced massively insider about the admin. As a result, the admin did not see any prospects for work. When marketing from 8% per day, worked 0 days. Our contribution was 300 $. Brought 0 $. Loss is -300 $

Total we lost -1961$


A lot of losses and a lot of good admins have set us up for this period, but at the same time we came out as a good plus. Once again we prove the fact that the loss in one project, even a very large one, is not yet the loss of the entire portfolio, the investment portfolio itself works and brings profit.

Due to the return of referral and compensation, the amount of loss from our partners is less, which means the total income is higher.

We recommend that beginners not to delay making decisions, and join the projects as soon as we add it to the site, this gives the maximum chance to earn and you do not lose valuable time. Also do not forget to order the return of partnership rewards and compensation in case of loss of funds in any project provided on our website, provided that you are our partner.

Our income for the season 3894$+854$+3987$-1961$=6774$
All calculations are subject to referral fees.

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  1. LegenDa
    06.02.2019 08:33
    For me, the result is impressive, although the year was not the best in the sense of speed skating. I am increasingly convinced that the selection of projects on this blog is excellent.
  2. IvanUstinow
    10.01.2019 16:16
    Good income)
  3. evkonti
    06.01.2019 17:23
    Thank you very much for the detailed and interesting report, Richie.
    Congratulations on the final good profit.
    And thank you for enlightening smart contract projects.
    In one of them I have already registered for you, I plan to make a deposit there.
    I am glad that I chose your monitoring site for myself a priority among the rest. And now calmly participating in projects that are present on this site. Good luck to all of us in the new 2019 year!
  4. Lavr
    26.12.2018 09:04
    Autumn was interesting, the beginning of winter is amazing, and the New Year is wonderful! Happy New Year and profit in 2019 year!
    1. udimka
      10.01.2019 16:29
      So far, the New Year in the project panel is going very well)
  5. albinanurm
    24.12.2018 21:38
    Successes and prosperity, thanks for your efforts!

    Autumn was a bit hard, but I missed a lot of bench projects, it’s better not to receive more than to lose.
    1. udimka
      25.12.2018 13:24
      Yes, I was waiting for top projects in the fall, but there were not so many of them.
  6. Lorik351
    24.12.2018 20:36
    split about 100% profit
    singkitcorp about 100% profit
    Ellaos + 50% profit

    Token about 45% profit

    Coin terminal also wanted a very small loss. Thanks for the insurance.
    elikteks excellent work. went before. what you got on the blog.

    sportwest + 40% profit

    backing during partisan participation. gave a great profit. although quickly scam was after rebranding

    in mining did not go. I basically do not like such marketing. where bu how to China cancer

    thanks rich 2 is already with you!
    1. udimka
      25.12.2018 13:25
      I personally in the sportwest just drove the money back and forth. Earned a couple of percent.
      1. Leonidas
        26.12.2018 11:13
        In the sport, you could earn only by investing 3000 $ pensive
        1. richmonkey
          27.12.2018 22:45
          Second plan from 1000 $ + 45%
  7. Alex1981
    23.12.2018 05:25
    Richmonkey, you could not make earnings reports without referral fees. This is a more realistic reflection of the statistics.
    1. Leonidas
      23.12.2018 13:07
      Then, most likely, about zero will turn out profit, especially if you look at sport
    2. richmonkey
      24.12.2018 20:23
      the report reflected projects that worked well, unsuccessful projects quickly scams and what were the hopes, but worked poorly.

      if you take all the projects. in this case, it is better then to reflect in a percentage ratio, it was possible to earn in many projects, here it is already individually for everyone, the project can work topovo, let's say 100 days with the deposit term 20 days under 2.1%, some could pass the 2-3 circle and earn more 100% profit, and someone started to play (the main mistake of the investor) and could lose the deposit or at best stayed with his
  8. udimka
    23.12.2018 02:51
    I liked very much how Splitt worked, it's a pity I underestimated him and passed by.