- Issuing Named Limited Cards Of Meaningful Customer!

What are the advantages of this card?

- Full compensation of commissions of payment systems, which allows to increase the income from trading and investment;

- The limited card is delivered by courier along with a paper registered contract indicating the specific investments of the client;

- The solution of technical complications is also resolved in the priority mode. It will be enough for you to write in the letter your unique number of the Significant Client, which is embossed on the card next to your name and surname;

- Formation and maintenance of the investment portfolio, for which the company is responsible for its own reputation;

- Monthly reports from the financial advisor on the most profitable investment offers and bonuses;

- Offer pilot versions of products and promotions before launch on the official website. For example, according to the “Synergy” program, the pilot version participants were given a bonus account not 15%, but 50% of the placement amount.

How to get a card Meaning customer?

The Meaningful Client Card is absolutely free. Its holders are:

- Customers receiving personal office service. Sign up for a meeting at the office here

- Customers receiving personal service through a financial advisor. The contacts of the financial advisor are listed under the menu in the Personal Account.

Significant customer card CapEX24 is a benchmark service in the financial sector. Cardholders receive a personalized service and can be considered as the elite in the world of finance.

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  1. udimka
    22.12.2018 03:50
    Always thought about this question, what is the chip of these cards in HYIP? Anyway, scam will come and they will become a regular cardboard or plastic.
    1. Lavr
      06.01.2019 14:21
      It can be seen everything depends on the legend) Yes, and not all the broker card is designed)