- The project has acquired a substrate on the blog on 2 of the month.

We transfer funds from advertising to insurance fund and now he is up 1000$. Investing is even safer! Our blog offers a great opportunity to earn everyone! Ex-partisan, who has proven himself in the network for a period of work and fulfillment of obligations to investors for the duration of 1. We hope this giant will please us all winter. With regard to marketing, everything is simple. The project offers a whole scattering of investment plans, the most optimal of which is for a period of 20 days with a yield of 2.1% per day. Net profit is 42%, with our bonus 47%. Successful and profitable investment! Do not forget to take profits in projects!

Der Global Project Overview

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  1. evkonti
    18.01.2019 16:14
    Well, since the money for the branded substrate of the monitoring site Rich paid for Der Global, it means that it plans to work at least 2 a month. Soon I will go round and reinvest. Very good HighPik, nice to work with him!
  2. Dilshod
    15.01.2019 22:38
    My first lap is almost over. I think to make more dep or not
  3. Alex2601
    19.12.2018 18:02
    Today I invested a little bit here (23 $), I think the dokina again after the NG is planning a future for the project!
    1. Asmadai
      03.01.2019 22:01
      Well, are you planning to shower? I now think that it would be necessary
      1. 4difeer666
        04.01.2019 01:07
        He already threw, I paid today a dep. I went to reinvest, the admin releases a new advertisement. I think another circle can be easily passed
  4. Margarita
    19.12.2018 17:25
    Great news !!!!
  5. 4difeer666
    19.12.2018 17:17
    Now I think I will definitely reinvest after the deposit is closed!
  6. Leonidas
    19.12.2018 14:43
    Now you can feel more confident wink
    1. udimka
      19.12.2018 14:46
      Yes, the main thing is that investors now do not shower with "cutlets", otherwise, in this case, insurance will not save much.
      1. 4difeer666
        19.12.2018 17:18
        I am almost sure that until mid-January, if the project will be paid, no one will even throw too much of a big deal, everyone is afraid to get scams before NG ...
        1. Asmadai
          27.12.2018 10:14
          I agree, investors will now be more accurate and no one will throw large sums