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Deposit Bonus:



  • Min. contribution: $30
  • Min. output: $15
  • Yield: from 1.44% per day
  • Ref. program: 10%
  • Start date: 14.10.2018
  • Have worked: 132 days
  • Added to blog: 18.12.2018
  • Monitor: 67 days
Payment systems
Manual - for Ethereum - pays instantly (instantly), for other payment systems - Payments on applications are made on Friday after 18:00 Moscow time and can take up to 72 hours. type of payment
The project stopped payments (scam 23.02.2019). Fund amount - - $. Order compensation.

Hello! I am Valli. A smart wallet that ethereum brings to you every day. I am artificial intelligence. My soul is a smart contract. My main task is to please you financially. Everyday.

Added trend smart contract with a smooth development and with big plans for the future. The project is unusual, it accepts not only air, but also fiat currencies, just a week ago a personal account was added and new payment systems were gradually activated. The platform is being promoted and offline already having its first office in St. Petersburg. If you are planning to invest in fiatnie currencies, which is the easiest way as in conventional HYIPs, then you just need to register by our link, create a contribution and order on the blog bonus from the contribution (5%). When making a deposit in Ethereum, the project automatically charges the autobone in the amount of 3%. To get an autobone, when transferring funds to a smart contract in the field DATE (additional data) you must specify our wallet number 0x22eA84Af4d6D9AED39095dbEB71de015fFfEDca8. When investing in the air you need to adhere to the following provisions, as in all such smart contracts. Payouts: for Ethereum - it pays instantly (instantly), for other payment systems - payments on requests are made on Friday after 18: 00 in Moscow time and can take up to 72 hours.

Project marketing

1.44% Perpetual
  • Percentage yield: 1.44% per day
  • Accrual of interest: calendar days
  • Term of the deposit: up to 200% Bonus terms and conditions apply
  • Deposit Amount: from $ 30
  • Return of deposit: included in charges
  • Term Yield: 200%

Video review Wallie

The first 10 people who share their deposit in the comments to the video and indicate their login on our blog will receive bonus 1 $! Only our partners can participate!

Instruction manual

About Wallie

Welcome, dear partners! We invite you to familiarize yourself with a new well-prepared mid-income HYIP project based on Wallie smart contracts. A colorful and vibrant website with innovative marketing.

Investment Project Monitoring  I have prepared for you a detailed text review of the middle-income project called Wallie.

Wallie is a smart wallet that brings ethereum every day. The basis of the Wallie algorithm is a smart contract that is completely autonomous, it cannot be hacked, rewritten, deleted, or in any way affects its operation, since the network of the ethernet is invulnerable to earth technologies.

The legend of the site is innovative and especially popular this year for the HYIP industry. This area of ​​investment is well attracted to Internet investors.

The Wallie site uses a self-written script, hosting with protection against DDoS attacks, a paid SSL certificate, unique design, high-quality content.

The design of the project looks very cool and creative in a modern style, has all the necessary information for working with the Wallie project.

Wallie's site marketing falls into the category of a mid-income HYIP project with a moderate percentage and long-term plans. This makes the site an attractive Internet investor to work on long-term. Despite the fact that the site works as a smart contract, funds are being received through fiat payment systems.

Let us briefly go over the main page of the site and find out what we can learn after the first visit to the Wallie website.

  • Information about the Wallie project
  • Wallie job statistics
  • Wallie video presentation
  • Description of how Wallie works
  • Advantages over other projects
  • The merits of Wallie's smart contract
  • Yield calculator
  • Distribution scheme
  • Wallie Affiliate Program Information
  • List of payment systems Wallie works with
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Live Deposit Statistics
  • Information on the offices of the Wallie site
  • Video material for learning and working with Wallie
  • Latest news
  • Links to social networks

The Wallie affiliate program includes rewards from contributions by partners you have invited.

The partnership program for fiat payments and for investing in the Ethereum smart contract differs both in the number of levels and in the percentage component.

The Wallie site, at the time of writing, contains three language versions - English, Russian and Chinese.

If you have additional questions about the Wallie website, we recommend that you refer to the section “FAQ”Or write to the online chat with technical support.

Briefly about the main characteristics

We provide you with brief characteristics of the Wallie project, which you can see on our monitoring in a more detailed format: 

  • Address:
  • Project Type: Average;
  • Start Date: 14.10.2018;
  • Yield: from 1,44% per day;
  • Minimum deposit: 30 $;
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: 15 $;
  • Payment type: Manual;
  • Investment offer: 1,44% every day until reaching 200% for deposit amounts from 30 $;
  • Payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Qiwi, Visa, Perfect money, Payeer, Advanced Cash;
  • Affiliate program: 1 level - 10%;
  • Language versions of the site: English, Russian and Chinese;

You can order refback in size 5% from your contribution. To order a refback, go to the page: order refback by HYIP and fill out the form.

Wallie Investment Offer

The marketing of the Wallie site offers us the entire 1 tariff plan working indefinitely and generating income for as long as the Wallie smart contract will exist.

Distribution of funds in the smart contract code:

  • 85% of funds go to participants and partner rewards.
  • 10% of the funds go to marketing and development.
  • 5% of the funds go to the payroll of people who support the Wallie site.

Wallie Investment Plan

  • Interest rate 1,44%
  • Daily accruals by calendar day
  • The minimum deposit amount is $ 30
  • Maximum amount of deposit without restrictions
  • Contribution works until reaching 200%
  • The body of the contribution is included in the daily charge.
  • Yield for the term: 200%

The minimum allowable amount for withdrawal is 15 $. The withdrawal fee is not charged. All requests for withdrawal of profits are processed manually.

Instructions for working with the Wallie project


On the main page there is a button Cabinet

After clicking this button, we will be redirected to the page with the choice of registration method. For investors in a smart contract through the Ethereum payment gateway, the form is as follows:

Select the item "Enter your Ethereum account" and press the red button "Enter your account"

You will be prompted to enter the number of the Ethereum wallet, which will be our login.

If you invest in a smart contract through other payment systems, then, 1 - select the item "Create a fiat deposit" and fill out the registration form; 2 - indicate your email inbox, 3 - come up with a strong password, 4 - repeat the password that was invented earlier, 5 - indicate your username (at least 3 characters), 6 - information about your inviter, must be RichMonkey.Biz if you want to receive additional bonuses, 7 - agree with the terms and conditions of the site, 8 - confirm registration by clicking the "Register" button

Making a deposit

To create a contribution, you must go to your account and create a contribution.

1 - You will be given the address of the Ethereum wallet to which you need to manually transfer the amount indicated in this form, 2 - indicate the amount of the deposit, 3- indicate the address of your inviter's wallet in order to receive an additional auto bonus of 3% of the deposit amount. (you make the transfer manually from your Ethereum Wallet)

If you make a deposit with fiat funds, then in your account press the "Participate" button (the account for investing fiat funds is separate)

On the page that opens, 1 - indicate the payment system (note that not all payment systems are available immediately, some are in the process of connecting in the future), 2 - indicate the amount of the deposit, 3 - press the button to participate. Depending on the payment method, we may have more or less points in the form of creating a deposit.

Withdrawal of funds

If you use a cabinet to invest in smart contracts through the Ethereum payment gateway, then on the main page of the cabinet, click the "Withdraw" button and if you have a positive balance, a withdrawal request will be created

If you use a cabinet to invest in smart contracts through fiat payment systems, then on the main page of the cabinet, click the "Withdraw" button and we will be transferred to the payment order form.

Depending on the choice of the payment system to which we want to order a payment, we will be offered our own form for ordering a withdrawal of funds. Let's consider an example of withdrawal to the Advanced Cash payment system. 1 - Select a payment system, 2 - indicate the amount you want to withdraw, 3 - indicate your Advanced cash wallet number, 4 - for security, we are offered to confirm the operation via the code sent to the postal address specified during registration, 5 - click the button “Create a request for conclusion".

Please note that the Wallie site has its own detailed operating instructions

Affiliate program wallie

The affiliate program in the Wallie project offers us to receive additional income from deposits by our invited investors.

To participate in the affiliate program, simply register on the Wallie website.

There are two types of affiliate programs in the Wallie project - for investing in a smart contract through the Ethereum payment gateway and for investing in a smart contract through fiat payment systems.

Affiliate program investment in a smart contract through the payment gateway Ethereum:

Reward: 1 level - 10%

Partners indicating the wallet of their inviter receive an extra bonus of 3% of the deposit amount.

Affiliate program of investment in a smart contract through fiat payment systems

  • Reward: 1 level 10%
  • Reward: 2 level 3%
  • Qualification for opening a level: Personal contribution 200WD, Turnover 1 Lines 1000WD
  • Reward: 3 level 1%
  • Qualification for opening level: Personal contribution 300WD, Turnover 1 Lines 1000WD, Turnover 2 Lines 1000WD
  • Reward: 4 level 0.5%
  • Qualification for opening a level: Personal contribution 300WD, Turnover 1 Lines 1000WD, Turnover 2 Lines 1000WD, Turnover 3 Lines 1000WD.

For partners who use a fiat private office, additional motivation has been developed in the form of a leadership program.

Depending on the volume of deposits of your referrals, you are allocated a leadership bonus and a ranking system!

Do not forget to order a bonus from us in the amount of 5% from your contribution. To order a refback, go to the page: order refback by HYIP and fill out the form.

Feedback on wallie personal opinion

Site preparation is very cool and it can be seen right away, a lot of different chips and very large and competent content for working with the platform. There are several pdf presentations, many video materials for training and work. The main feature is a hybrid marketing scheme combining investment in smart contracts through the Ethereum network and conventional fiat payment systems. Of course, it is worth noting the presence of a real office on the ground as a representative office of this project, which is clearly a highlight for this project of a smart contract algorithm.

The audit company "ABDK" ( has audited the Wallie smart contract, which is an additional guarantee of the algorithm's reliability.

Marketing project corresponds to a mid-income HYIP, designed for a long game. Do not forget that due to the refback from monitoring You can significantly increase your income, and quickly go to no loss on the deposit.

The affiliate program has its own variations for investments through Ethereum and Fiat payment systems. There is a career component and additional leader bonuses for active partners.

Reviews of Wallie from other sources

At the time of writing, the Wallie site has been online for the day's 66. The project started quite quickly, but the investor was looking more closely.

At the MMGP forum, the project was accepted with skepticism, no particular activity is observed, which indicates smooth work and development. There are statements of payments and contributions confirming the solvency of the project. There were no violations of the regulations, the project on all monitors has the status Paying.

Several well-known bloggers have already joined the development of the Wallie platform, as well as several monitors. There are statements of payments and deposits confirming the solvency of the project. No violations of the regulations were noticed, the project has the Paying status on all monitors.

On the YouTube video portal there are already several video reviews of the Wallie site, all made with positive reviews.

Risk reminder

Investing is always risky. It is very important to always remember and understand this. The above company is no exception, so it will not be superfluous to remind you of the main investment rules:

  • Never invest in After-plans with high returns, where the payment of the deposit and interest is at the end of the term. You will not receive payment for such plans (example 6500% after 100 days)
  • Diversify your cash. Simply put, don't invest the entire amount in one project.
  • The higher the percentage of return, the greater the risks. Do not forget to withdraw funds from the project immediately after accruals.
  • Before investing, check the status of the project.
  • Do not invest borrowed money.
  • Get ready to lose money and participate in free money.



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Комментарии (41)

  1. Lavr 24 February 2019 12: 30

    The project worked fine, it is clear that you need to enter from the very beginning ... but you don’t always have time to find such a project right away ..
    A complaint
  2. 4difeer666 23 February 2019 12: 27

    I did not go to him, and I didn’t want to
    A complaint
    1. udimka 24 February 2019 00: 41

      Once again I made sure that these smarts are not relevant.
      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 24 February 2019 16: 17

        Also after oasis I decided to stop with smarts, it’s too early to go in ... and very uncomfortable
        A complaint
        1. udimka 28 February 2019 01: 32

          And even then you come from the start, basically just driving money back and forth.
          A complaint
  3. Marina 23 February 2019 11: 55

    closed all the same ...
    A complaint
  4. solarscream 23 February 2019 04: 07

    Wow, you are great! Those who came at the very start earned 90% net profit!
    A complaint
  5. Alex2601 23 February 2019 03: 12

    By date, it seems to have worked fine, it’s late on the blog.
    A complaint
  6. richmonkey 22 February 2019 20: 51

    Fiat module stops working.

    Smart contract works on.
    A complaint
  7. richmonkey 16 February 2019 10: 40

    Received payment

    A complaint
  8. richmonkey 9 February 2019 17: 04

    Received payment

    A complaint
  9. udimka 2 February 2019 22: 38

    I look at the contributions at all a little, see many were disappointed in such projects, now bypass.
    A complaint
    1. solarscream 23 February 2019 04: 08

      And those who took the risk earned :)
      A complaint
  10. LegenDa 2 February 2019 08: 18

    An impressive development, you need to think about the deposit
    A complaint
  11. richmonkey 2 February 2019 01: 46

    Received payment

    A complaint
  12. Lord 1 February 2019 21: 15

    an interesting project, if you go, then with normal amounts
    A complaint
    1. solarscream 23 February 2019 04: 12

      It is necessary to enter at the start without further ado.
      A complaint
  13. richmonkey 18 January 2019 23: 20

    Received payment

    A complaint
  14. ataman 17 January 2019 23: 02

    I did not think that he would survive NG :)) the infection keeps
    A complaint
    1. richmonkey 18 January 2019 23: 19

      So he just started before ng, you can say. included fiat.

      and a new smart was launched at the beginning of NG
      A complaint
  15. richmonkey 12 January 2019 02: 15

    Received payment

    A complaint
  16. Asmadai 10 January 2019 09: 11

    And the project is developing, I think, it can go
    A complaint
  17. richmonkey 4 January 2019 22: 52

    Received payment

    A complaint
  18. richmonkey 3 January 2019 17: 18

    we can say already a fresh project. launched a new smart contract + fiat deposits only recently
    A complaint
  19. IvanUstinow 3 January 2019 14: 56

    Judging by the comments, no one except the Admin entered the project, although it looks quite promising)
    I think it might be worth going in, the project still falls under the general insurance fund
    A complaint
    1. 4difeer666 3 January 2019 15: 24

      Yes, it's just that smarts are no longer as hype as before, and everyone was afraid to go under NG, now I think people will do
      A complaint
      1. udimka 4 January 2019 03: 15

        Smarty is just a crude topic stood out, now they are almost forgotten. Let's see how this one works.
        A complaint
      2. Asmadai 6 January 2019 15: 55

        So I also thought that after the holidays people will go)
        A complaint
    2. Asmadai 6 January 2019 15: 55

      I think people will go now :)
      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 9 February 2019 18: 19

        Here, except for a contract and there is nowhere to go, and I personally don’t really want to send to these contracts, it’s better to send ether to crypto
        A complaint
  20. richmonkey 2 January 2019 22: 45

    Today, the launch of a new smart contract for a general audience. 1.1% per day before doubling the deposit.

    Адрес нового смарта: 0xe5Af8907776Fd5F1bb069369fD398AD33102751E

    Connection Privat24 in fiatny block. In terms of fiat deposits, the distribution is 1.44% per day, the contribution is already working before doubling - the main thing is stability!
    A complaint
  21. richmonkey 29 December 2018 11: 25

    Received payment

    A complaint
  22. richmonkey 22 December 2018 12: 18

    Received payment

    A complaint
  23. udimka 19 December 2018 02: 11

    If there were insurance, I would have thought, although in general I think the topic of smart contracts is crude, but here an interesting idea is that the project accepts not only ether, so I think it has a chance of success, but I'd rather sit on the fence, since I was already burnt on smarts.
    A complaint
    1. Asmadai 6 January 2019 15: 57

      Will I sit on the fence?) An interesting expression) well, I also decided to see just how this project will work, I will gain experience and I will know whether it is worth entering such projects or not)
      A complaint
  24. Yandrey 18 December 2018 17: 13

    I agree, it has been working for 66 days, until zero is released, it still takes almost 70 days, a very long time ... I don't think the project will live that long, and even there is no insurance ...
    A complaint
    1. Asmadai 6 January 2019 15: 56

      well, yes, without insurance it is not very good to go :(
      A complaint
  25. Asmadai 18 December 2018 15: 14

    Yes, I wanted to go into the project, but then I saw the launch date and something stopped, I probably will refrain. And to everyone who invested, good luck and profit) we are waiting for more projects from Richie sunglasses
    A complaint
  26. Leonidas 18 December 2018 09: 35

    The project is good, but it's too late again
    A complaint
    1. richmonkey 3 January 2019 17: 17

      launched a new smart contract + fiat deposits only recently
      A complaint
  27. richmonkey 18 December 2018 02: 54

    Our contribution: $500

    A complaint


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