- Now is the best time to buy cryptocurrency?

Dear Dominators,

Has the bitcoin bubble burst? While in 2018, the cost of Bitcoin fell, the number of cryptocurrency users since 2017, the year has almost doubled.

According to Google’s trend analysis tool, "What is Bitcoin?" This is the question that was most often “googled” in 2018, both in the USA and in the UK.

While prices are declining, popularization and general approval is growing, as evidenced by a surge in transactions within the network by large crypto holders this year.

Bitcoin seems determined to fall to $ 3000, possibly the last time, to begin a quick recovery.

If you believe this, then the only right decision is to start buying cheap Bitcoin now!

Investing in cryptocurrency has never been so cheap this year. Consequently, the purchase of an investment package in Dominant finance never been so attractive this year!

Here is a five-step quick start guide to get you started:

  • Go to your personal account, open the "Finance" tab and select "Account replenishment"; / li>
  • Choose your payment system and select the currency in which you want to invest;
  • Transfer any amount you want to invest and you will find it on your Transit account after confirming the payment;
  • Go to the “Home” tab, select your package, select the amount and click “Buy”.

Congratulations! You are now one of 25.000 happy owners investment package Dominant finance.

Enjoy watching your cryptocurrency growth!

Keep dominating.

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  1. udimka
    19.12.2018 02:32
    Yes, I think next year the market will turn, so now we need to seize the moment.