- New Year's Eve promotion and some secrets!

Dear friends! Ahead of the long-awaited holidays. And we all look forward to them!

On these pleasant days of waiting, we launch a promotion campaign, bonus! with very big bonuses from and this is in addition to all the bonuses that already exist.

Also, I would like to reveal a few secrets and say what we are working on in these weeks.

In the near future, a new additional section will appear in the side menu - Games. We want to add some excitement to our anti-crisis game. But what games will fill this section, and who will do it, we want to keep a secret.

And I would like to remember a little about the numbers. During these few weeks, the number of project participants is growing rapidly. And this is some kind of fantasy. With a new beginning, a large number of new users reached out to us. Every day, up to 300 new investors join us, which is 2 times more than 3 a week ago.

We really appreciate your support, thank you! Without you all this would not have happened!

Only in these 5 days you can get bonuses, in addition to all bonuses and discounts

  • From any amount + 10 % to account
  • From 1 500 + 12 % to account
  • From 5 000 + 15 % to account
  • From 10 000 + 20 % to account
  • From 15 000 + 25 % to account

The bonus is valid until December 19. 23: 59

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  1. udimka
    15.12.2018 14:44
    In addition to all the bonuses and discounts, there is another bonus. Well, let's see how the admin will pass through the holidays.