- 50 days online since the public opening. - 50 days online since the public opening.

Bitaeon reached our first significant milestone and spent 50 days online since our public opening. During these days, we worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was on the move and delivered you instant payments 24 / 7. Please join us at our celebration and raise your glass for the next 50 days.

Since the last report, we were lucky, and we had no serious technical problems, and everything works like a clock. The only incident we had was 11 December around 22: 00, when some exemptions were slightly delayed. The problem was resolved in a few minutes, and all payments have since been processed instantly, as always.

To make our platform more accessible around the world, we have added additional languages ​​(Hindi, Indonesian, and Chinese). In addition, we have created several groups of telegrams where you can communicate with other investors. Bitaeon in your local language.

Join our Official International Group Chat:

As before, we urge our customers to ensure the security and reliability of their accounts. Make sure your password is secure and do not disclose your login details to anyone. If possible, enable 2FA. Our security systems actively monitor all member actions and look for any malicious attempts to hack accounts. Regardless of how secure the system is, if you use registration information that someone knows about, we will not be able to stop them.

Thank you all for joining us and see you in the next report!

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  1. udimka 15 December 2018 14: 50

    One of the best piggy banks in the network lately and at the same time it works only purely on the crypt, this project is straight New Year's miracle in the good sense of the word.
    A complaint