Ellaos.com - Collective Investment Plan.

Hello, dear partners!

For us, success in developing the company and maintaining trusting relations with investors is extremely important, and therefore with great joy we present to your attention a new, unique investment plan.Collective» 31 calendar day, with a yield of 5% per day. Profit will be accrued every 12 hours in 2,5% from your share in the pool.

The uniqueness of this investment proposal lies in the fact that a deposit is formed by several investors at the same time and is activated or when a certain amount is collected - 5000 USD, or automatically after 24 hours.

The conditions according to which you will be able to participate in the pool are as follows: when opening a deposit on any investment plan, you will receive a ticket equal to twice the equivalent of the deposit amount in dollars.

Ticket size means the maximum amount available to you for investing in the pool. Only one ticket can be used at a time. You can also transfer it to another user, for this it is enough to inform him of the ticket code. Keep in mind that a ticket is not a cash certificate and is automatically canceled after investing in the “Collective” plan, even if you take advantage of an incomplete offer.

We are building our company's marketing in such a way that every investor can choose the best and profitable offer. We hope we succeeded, with respect, the project team Ellaos!

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