- Some statistics for 8 months.

Good day, dear partners! Congratulations to all with the upcoming New Year holidays!

Since the publication news About updating the blog 8 months have passed. April 24 2018 years, we completely changed the design of the blog and added functionality: it became much easier to order refback and compensation, history and statistics of all processed applications are available in the forms. Also, each partner’s office has its own personal statistics and application history.

Some statistics for 8 months

All data in the forms and on the main page of the blog are generated automatically based on your requests for refback and compensation, do not forget to order deposit bonus for all created contributions to the project, after receiving you are entitled to receive for this project compensation.

  • Refbek applications processed 6 080
  • Invested by our referrals 559 956 $
  • Bonuses paid in the amount of 21 041 $
  • Insured deposits 2 254
  • Compensation paid 43 829 $
  • Paid for blog activity 2 147 $


Most recently, we launched investor panelwhich is already at the testing stage. All who started using the panel for accounting investments, we ask you to leave feedback on the work of the investor panel. Found a mistake? Tell us about it! And also write about your ideas and suggestions. We will gradually implement something new and refine the accounting system.

Friends, we also want to remind you of our amazing competition on an ongoing basis, in which, any user of a blog can earn decent money every month. More about "Activity contest".

Two new rubrics have been added, which we will actively develop in the new year: blog contests with cash prizes and Sports Betting from our partners.

Created a general insurance fund blog. What is the Foundation. Learn here.

In the plans Add a referral program to your blog, with which you can create passive income and receive cash rewards.

All newbies or just getting acquainted with the blog, check out our tools in this article "How to use blog monitoring?".

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  1. 4difeer666
    04.01.2019 01:09
    I joined this blog in May, and when before my earnings were almost 0, now my capital from 120-130USD has grown to 300USD despite the fact that I am also merging in all sorts of HYIPs. The blog is simply top! - try to get to 2019USD. The main thing is that admins help
  2. Asmadai
    03.01.2019 21:52
    The blog is just really sooo cool, happy New Year to you!) And keep up the good work, develop, turn off the best projects and conduct the most interesting contests :)
  3. udimka
    30.12.2018 22:23
    This blog looks very stylish. I like. Continue in the same spirit.
    1. Asmadai
      03.01.2019 21:53
      I agree, a very stylish blog and everything is simple and understandable even to the person who visited it for the first time)
  4. Alexacharming
    30.12.2018 20:25
    The best blog, thank you for being there))) Happy New Year!
  5. 4difeer666
    29.12.2018 16:12
    Thank you for your work, there is still a lot of new things ahead, and a lot of profit !!!!
  6. evkonti
    29.12.2018 00:48
    This blog is the best monitoring that I have met in 10 years of my investment in the network! Admin big respect!
    Happy New 2019 year of the yellow pig and prosperity of this site. Now I will always be with you !!! :-)
  7. Leonidas
    28.12.2018 21:04
    The most convenient blog I have ever met wink
    1. Asmadai
      03.01.2019 21:54
      Vooot, yes, you are right) everything is very convenient on the blog and it is understandable) it is immediately obvious that we tried very hard)
  8. Alex2601
    28.12.2018 15:34
    The blog is constantly evolving, updated, and it pleases, gives an incentive, and if you introduce a referral program, it seems to me that for those who can invite investors it will be very bad!