Results of the contest repost! Draw 50 $!

Good morning friends! Well, it's time to fail contest results, as promised, recorded a video for you:

Yes, yes, Richie is in touch with you, we will actively develop the YouTube channel, as promised, so put a thumbs up.

And now, our 5 winners, who will get 10 $:

  • Izzatillo Salohidin Musakhonov
  • Sjarhei coin
  • Peter Zabolotsky
  • Gali Safin
  • Masha Meshkova

Congratulations to the winners!

To pick up the prize write to private messages:

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  1. Asmadai
    03.01.2019 23:19
    As always, cool competition) thanks for trying for us) congratulations to the winners)
  2. udimka
    12.12.2018 18:57
    Congratulations lucky with a nice bonus.
  3. 4difeer666
    11.12.2018 23:46
    Ehh let me down my favorite number, nothing sled.ra just lucky)
  4. Lavr
    11.12.2018 23:05
    Good fortune teller! Thanks Rich! Congratulations to all the winners!
  5. Immunity
    11.12.2018 21:35
    I had 33, but I wrote the number as many as 09 numbers. Give up the girls))) these are the rules.)

    And it happens :) all the best
  6. kislicina1978
    11.12.2018 21:26
    10 bucks received. Normally!
  7. Alex2601
    11.12.2018 18:55
    Congratulations to all the winners! They came up with a cool "Repost Contest", I would still have participated, even though I haven't won it now!