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Perfect Money Wallet

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Registration with PerfectMoney

PerfectMoney is a payment system created to carry out a variety of calculations and pay for purchases and services on the Internet. It has been successfully operating for more than ten years.

The system is used by many people around the world. The resource offers to store savings in dollars, euros, gold, bitcoins.

Main advantages

  • The system has been operating for more than ten years and has already gained wide popularity around the world. With the help of an electronic wallet, the user is able to make transactions with lightning speed from anywhere in the world.
  • She is completely anonymous and does not provide information about users to government agencies.
  • Verified members are subject to a ridiculous commission for translations.
  • There are no limits on transactions.
  • Convenient methods of depositing and withdrawing funds.
  • Reliable security system. Settings allow you to protect the wallet from the encroachment of intruders.
  • The presence of affiliate referral program.


The main drawback of the system is an inconvenient interface and outdated service design. Some users, after the first glance at the site, prefer other resources.

The rather complicated verification process scares off many potential system participants.

System verification

Users who have passed the verification procedure have confirmed their identity. For them, the commission for any transactions from 2% to 0,5% is automatically reduced. When working with large sums of money, the reduction of the commission is very noticeable.

To pass the verification, you need:

  • Provide a photo / scan of your passport or driver's license. Make sure your documents are readable. Avoid sun glare or poor lighting when photographing.
  • A photocopy of payments for utilities with the address and name. If it is not possible to provide these documents, then go to any bank and order an extract with your name and initials.
  • Confirm mobile number. After you indicate the number, the call will be made to it and the answering machine will dictate a set of numbers in English.


Theft of money from electronic wallets has long been no surprise. Often, attackers use viruses to hack accounts.

PerfectMoney offers a reliable security system that is able to protect your cash savings.

  • Authentication. If someone tries to log in from a different IP address or computer, a special code is sent to the user.
  • SMS confirmation. When you activate the option, a special code comes directly to the mobile phone instead of an email box. The method is more reliable, but the cost of each SMS message is 10 cents.
  • Code card The system generates one-time passwords that come to the user by email. One of them must be entered at the time of each entry. Save the passwords in a safe place, and delete the letter, as mail can be hacked. Many experts advise not to store passwords in electronic form, but to write them in a notebook.

Replenishment of the wallet

The most priority way is to replenish with exchangers. Monitoring will help produce a gradation and find the most profitable course.

You can replenish your account with a special E-voucher. It is a virtual card of a certain value. Using the voucher, users replenish or withdraw money from the system or send it to each other.

Withdrawal of funds

The most popular withdrawal method is electronic exchangers. As with the input, it is better to use monitoring, which will show the most favorable rate.

You can withdraw funds using the E-voucher. It’s impossible to pay them, but it’s quite possible to try to sell it to another user for real money.

Credit exchange

The service provides an opportunity for users to take loans from each other using a credit exchange.

It can be assumed that the developers hoped to make life easier for the participants, but in practice the opposite happened. The fact is that when a user takes and returns cash with interest, he earns feedback and a positive rating, which lenders are guided by.

Some users deliberately take small amounts and earn a reputation in order to then hide with big money. Experts do not recommend trying to make a profit on the stock exchange.


Any user is able to receive passive income in the system in two ways:

Affiliate program. The system pays 1% to referrals from the balance of funds on the referrals account. To earn money, it’s enough for people to register via your link, which is available in your account.

Charging additional interest. Users are charged 4% per annum from the total amount of funds in the account.


Despite the rather long life of the payment system, the overwhelming majority of reviews are positive. Participants like its anonymity, reliability and simplicity. Thanks to the available methods of replenishment / withdrawal of funds, the number of users is increasing every day.

Registration with PerfectMoney

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  1. Good wallet, comfortable and functional. Although I liked Adva more, but unfortunately it no longer works with HYIPs.
  2. Even when Adva was still in the ranks, the Perfect Money always actively used. Despite the unsophisticated design, simplicity and clarity of work is captivating. Yes, even the percentage charged on the balance. Well, now PM is number one for me, of course.
  3. PerfectMoney is my favorite payment system! Therefore, I probably dedicated to her as many as three posts on my technical blog. And the chips for quick verification posted a separate article. My husband and I figured out how to do it in just one day.
    And my article on the code card PM has been 10 for years on the Internet and has helped many clients of this payment system.
    So, it was not for nothing that originally this EPS was created by crime to launder their money ... And under America, too, the payment did not bend, for which she had great respect and respect! Let Peisea use his Canadian..a PM no. For us, PerfectMoney is now a favorite and a great assistant in the investment business. :-))
  4. My favorite payment has now become. I am glad that the rest of the money in the account drips even a penny every month. Previously, Adva used, but after they changed the policy at the expense of HYIP, I had to change the EPS. In order for me to further improve here, I’d make design and account protection more serious.
  5. Recently registered with Perfect Money, has not yet withdrawn from this wallet. The decisive argument to start your account here was a low percentage when withdrawing money to cards or other services (judging by the review and reviews).
  6. Great payment! I have been using it for a very long time and no complaints. A ridiculous commission for transfers, all transactions are made quickly, reliably and efficiently.
    1. When I entered the world of HYIPs, I first went to this payment system, I thought to register, but at that time it seemed difficult for me to figure it out.
    2. The same situation, only I registered in it a couple of years ago and for some reason I haven’t started using it for some reason, I use: Kiwi, Payer, Yandex Money.
      1. Simply, at that time I did not have 18, and I could not afford verification, now I did everything, and it became one of the main ones along with Blockchain)
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