- We are glad to present you a new mini-game - "The Fifth Extra".

Dear investors! We are glad to present you a new mini-game - "Fifth extra". Chance to earn 80%

The essence is very simple. 5 people can take part, 4 of whom will receive a profit in the amount of 20%, well, 5й - is superfluous. The choice of winners and loser is random. One game costs 50 rubles. You can win 60 rubles.

All you need to do is to take a seat at the gaming table. One participant can take several places. To take a seat in the game, you need to pay for it in the same place using Payeer or from the balance to withdraw money. In the future, we will add the ability to play for larger amounts.

May good luck be with you!

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  1. Alex2601
    11.12.2018 10:23
    I will play "The Fifth Extra" in the fun-fishermen game: Payment of invoice # 85 completed

    Date: 11.12.2018 09: 36: 24 (UTC + 3)
    Payment date: 11.12.2018 09: 37: 15 (UTC + 3)
    Payee: Fun_Five / [file complaint]
    Item: - USER Saha
    Accounts Payable: 85
    Account in Payeer: 86019013
    Payment system: Payeer
    Amount to be paid: 50.48 RUB
  2. Alex2601
    10.12.2018 20:48
    You have to try your luck a few times, before the first loss, to play once a day!