- A brief report on the work done in November!

Good day, dear friends and partners!

Summary of the work done in November:

  1. Interkassa was connected to the deposit and withdrawal of funds in the automatic mode.
  2. A tour of the cities of Russia. Three offices are open - Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg!
  3. Expansion of the staff of traders. (video reports on the work on the channel)
  4. Work is underway to redesign the site. + 40 changes in personal account functionality.
  5. Introduced the planned conduct of news and training webinars!
  6. Developed and put into operation two channels (news and advertising)

Sincerely, The Loany24

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  1. Leonidas
    07.12.2018 19:11
    There is every chance of becoming a giant in 2019 wink