Competition with the support of the project Doubly. Prize pool - 50 $

Good morning friends! We would like to invite you to take part in a new competition! Which we have already published in our group in VK:

Meet the new competition! Sponsor of our competition - the project Doubly

our deposit 800$

According to the project bonus from the contribution 5% and insurance 1 000 $

All you need to do to take part in this competition is repost this post leave any number on my wall and under the post (from 1 to 100).

10.12.2018, we will write a video where through a random number generator ( choose 5 winners! Those whose number fell in the generator will win, if there are several, the one who left a comment with the number wins.

Prize fund - 50$each winner will get by 10 $!


Only live accounts can participate in the contest (more 50 friends, there are photos in the profile from 3x pieces, entries on the wall from 5 pieces).

You can post comments only 1 times

Applications to the competition are accepted until 09.12.18 16:00 across Moscow.

Good luck to all!

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  1. kislicina1978
    11.12.2018 21:24
    10 of Baku received!
    1. Asmadai
      04.01.2019 15:51
      Congratulations, good capital gain)
  2. richmonkey
    11.12.2018 18:49
    Good afternoon friends! Well, it's time to sum up the results of the contest, as promised, they recorded a video for you - Results of the competition
  3. Leonidas
    11.12.2018 12:27
    Where to see the results of the competition?
  4. Immunity
    09.12.2018 17:46
    My number 33, good luck to all))
  5. Margarita
    07.12.2018 17:41
    And what about 10 $ is not superfluous ... Let's play)
  6. udimka
    06.12.2018 02:06
    It will also be necessary to try my luck, usually I don’t win in such contests.
    1. Asmadai
      04.01.2019 15:52
      Ahahahah, do not you have one so))
  7. 4difeer666
    05.12.2018 21:39
    You can try your luck, let's see, chose the number of 13)
    1. Alex2601
      05.12.2018 21:56
      And I chose the number of reference: 1
    2. Yandrey
      06.12.2018 15:05
      So not fair, this is the most successful number!
      1. 4difeer666
        06.12.2018 21:28
        Do not tell me, do not often see that it won often ....... In fact, I just have 13 numbers of others)