Review and review of the Payeer payment system

Payeer is an international electronic payment system that allows you to: register your personal electronic wallet, make various money transfers, change currency, pay for goods and services on the Internet.

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Payeer in HYIPs

Specifically for investors in the HYIP industry, Payeer is a powerful tool for working with financial transactions in HYIPs. Payeer is one of the most popular and frequently used payment systems in the hype industry due to its user-friendly interface and extensive functionality.


This payment system has several advantages:

  • Anonymity. The system does not require verification. In order to use the service, it is enough to indicate the email address. This is an international payment system, therefore it does not provide information about participants to state bodies (opinions can be shared here).
  • Instant translations. The system is actively used for international transactions, since it is very popular around the world. Financial transactions are made instantly.
  • Transactions without registration. A participant in the system is able to transfer funds to an unregistered person. It is enough to indicate his email address or mobile phone number. The recipient will receive a letter by e-mail or message on a mobile phone with detailed instructions for receiving funds.
  • User-friendly interface. The resources of most anonymous systems can not boast a simple and concise design. Payeer stands out among them, whose interface is simple and intuitive.
  • Wide functionality. In addition to money transfers, the system offers to use the services of an exchanger and exchange.
  • Reliable security system. A resource provides several protection methods. The user has the right to choose the most optimal of them.
  • Convenient deposit and withdrawal of funds. The system participant is able to replenish the balance or withdraw money using any of the 20 methods provided.
  • You can exchange Bitcoin. If the user uses cryptocurrency, then he is able to exchange it for any other.


The system has one, but a significant drawback - a high commission. The user will pay at least 2.99% + 45 rubles from the amount for withdrawing funds to a bank card. The transfer commission is considered acceptable, since it is 0.5%, but if an API is connected to the hype, the commission will be 0.95% of the amount.

Instruction manual

We have prepared detailed instructions for working with the Payeer payment system, in which we display the registration of the account, as well as instructions for transferring money.

  • Sign up
  • Instructions for transferring money within the system
  • Withdrawal of funds


To prevent unauthorized access to your wallet, the system is able to send a special confirmation code before each entry. You will be provided with three delivery methods: SMS message, e-mail and Telegram. It is worth considering that the SMS mailing is paid - $ 0.05.

For transaction security, the system suggests connecting the “Master key” function, which we also recommend connecting to you.

Replenishment of the wallet

For the replenishment of electronic money will be charged a varied commission. Consider a few of the most popular ways:

  • Bank cards - from 3.99%;
  • QIWI - 5.99%;
  • AdvCash - 1.99%;
  • Yandex.Money - 7.99%;
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. - 0%;
  • Top-up via mobile operator - from 4.99%.

Slightly reduce the commission when replenishing will help The resource will make a gradation of offers and offer the most profitable option.


Changing currencies in the local exchanger is not as profitable as on the exchange, but all transactions are carried out instantly.

Go to the “Exchange” tab, select the necessary parameters and perform the operation.


On the exchange, users are able to exchange currency between themselves. You can buy it or sell it by setting your own course.

Account Verification

If you have small cash flow, then you do not need verification. The only advantage of verification is that after it, you remove the limit on withdrawals of $ 2.


Payeer offers members of the system to earn on an affiliate program, which has 6 levels. After completing the registration procedure, any user is able to earn money by inviting new people.

The referral link is available in the user’s account. Indicate it in advertising on sites or promote it in another way. In order to receive additional income, it is necessary that each invited participant is registered on your individual referral link.

The interest rate depends on the number of invited users and starts from 10%, but is limited to 25% of the commission for any operations.

Review about Payeer

Payeer payment system has long been one of the most popular payment systems in the hype industry. It has a simple and convenient interface and allows users to get an electronic wallet with extensive functionality.

Multicurrency is one of the main advantages of this payment system. Having created a wallet, you can not only store dollars, rubles or euros, but also many popular cryptocurrencies.

Interesting features of Payeer are the internal exchange and exchanger with which you can convert money from one currency to another.

The biggest advantage is anonymity. Verification is not required here. Your wallet and transfers are not monitored.

More recently, Payeer manual transfer fees have changed over the long haul from 0.95% to 0.5% per transaction.

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  1. mirov84
    08.12.2020 14:18
    We heard the news Payer the commission for the input of bank cards in USD, EUR, RUB currencies decreased almost 3 times, from 5.75% to 1.99%.
    1. BandiCD
      08.12.2020 14:58
      For a certain period of time.
  2. AlexanderKudrya8027
    18.11.2020 19:56
    Now the pair has changed the attitude towards HYIPs. And why is it needed now. there, even with verification, a large commission is better than pm
    1. Send
      18.11.2020 20:36
      so now the pen connects the PM for withdrawal / replenishment :)
      probably already felt the outflow of funds
      1. BandiCD
        08.12.2020 15:01
        I don't think they will lose much.
    2. BandiCD
      08.12.2020 14:59
      In P, you can buy or sell currencies and crypto very profitably.
  3. Anzhel
    27.09.2019 10:48
    Very convenient wallet, I use it.
  4. Nightmare
    06.08.2019 15:58
    Probably the most gluttonous wallet, such commissions, horror!
  5. matrix2000
    22.06.2019 11:24
    eating by leaps and bounds))))
  6. MrFox
    31.03.2019 22:04
    I agree, the commission is very large, it sometimes eats up the daily profit, if you go to fast, but for some reason, many still use it.
  7. evkonti
    07.01.2019 01:44
    The payment is easy to use, but it is very voracious on commission and the gateway is very expensive. And so, in principle, to participate in different pyramids and highpikes, this EPS is the most it!
  8. udimka
    03.12.2018 14:53
    This EPS looks cool, but the biggest minus is the high commission. If not for this factor would use it.
    1. 4difeer666
      01.04.2019 00:18
      I would say very big for a wallet, PM in this case is the best
  9. Danya
    12.11.2018 14:47
    The payment is very convenient, understandable, minus only in the commission. The size of the commission is rounded in favor of EPS (large).
  10. dinochek
    02.09.2018 13:15
    I could only deal with this ps, but so far you’ve been transferring a lot to and fro. But it’s probably so everywhere. You have to earn it all)