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Yandex Money - payment system overview

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Registration in Yandex Money

Yandex Money is an electronic payment system that allows users to make a variety of financial transactions. It is owned by Yandex.

System Features

The agreement of the system clearly states that it is intended exclusively for domestic and household needs. To conduct with its help, commercial activities and make a profit is strictly prohibited. If the administration of the system finds the user in violation of the rules, it will prohibit any transactions. Then for the withdrawal of funds will need to go through the verification procedure.

Sign up

The registration process is quite simple and does not take much time. First you need to create an email in Yandex. Then register the wallet, indicating in a standard form information about yourself. If the user intends to work exclusively with an online wallet, then creating a mailbox in Yandex does not make sense. Just contact the processing center and download the wallet program.

During registration, the user specifies the authentic passport data and passes identification of the person through the "CONTACT" system. If the password from the wallet is lost, the funds can be returned by presenting the documents.

Anonymity of the system participants

The user is able to change the settings and not provide personal information about himself to other participants in the system. When conducting transactions, only the serial number of the wallet is displayed.


  • Simple and clear registration procedure.
  • Convenient Russian-language interface.
  • Wide system functionality.
  • Due to the integration of PS into the structure of most leading online stores, payment for goods and services occurs instantly and without additional fees.
  • The absence of a fee when replenishing an account.
  • Reliable, multi-level security system.


  • During a bank transfer, the user must complete a variety of documents.
  • High commission when withdrawing funds.
  • All transactions are made exclusively in rubles.
  • The system is prohibited for commercial use.
  • Focused on users from the Russian Federation.


Yandex.Money is considered one of the most secure payment systems. To protect users' cash savings, several types of encryption are used:

  • Random code generator.
  • Many CRC functions.
  • SSL connection security.
  • The function of blocking the connection when signing a certificate by an unknown user.

Additional protection is achieved by confirming payments and is carried out in two ways:

  • Enhanced authorization. The user is required to specify a new data set at each login. At first glance, this is a little inconvenient, but by installing enhanced authorization, you can not worry about the safety of cash savings in the wallet.
  • Payment password This is an easier way, but no less effective. The user simply selects the payment password and specifies it during the transaction. Transmission is transmitted via secure channels, so the possibility of its interception is completely excluded.

Output and input methods

Sistema has entered into partnership agreements with a number of leading Russian banks, which gave its participants the right to count on preferential terms. Yandex.Money does not cooperate with foreign financial institutions, preferring domestic ones.
Output Methods:

  • Transfer of funds to a bank account. It is not necessary to open an account. You can get cash at the bank.
  • Conclusion to a bank card.
  • With the CONTACT system.

Ways to recharge:

  • With prepaid cards. Enrollments are made instantly.
  • Using a plastic card of the Russian Bank of Development. Enrollments are made within one hour.
  • With the help of ATMs. The term of transfer of funds varies from a few seconds to one hour.
  • Cash through the bank cashier or terminal. Enrollment during the day.
  • Bank transaction. Funds will go through the 2-3 of the day.
  • With the help of electronic payment systems.

Tariffs of the system

Transactions between users of the system are subject to a commission of 0,5%. If a system participant decides to exchange money for another currency, he is obliged to pay 3% of the amount.

When replenishing through the terminals, a commission is charged, which is 1%.

With other methods of replenishment additional payments are not provided. But, the commission is able to remove the partners of the system.

Yandex.Money Cards

System users have access to special cards that provide instant deposit and withdrawal of funds. When replenishing the balance there is no commission. For the withdrawal, the user will have to pay 3% of the amount + 10 rubles. Various banking institutions additionally charge their own commission.


The minimum transaction amount within the system is equal to one ruble. The maximum payment is limited to the daily limit of 300 000 rubles. A one-time transaction also has a limit of 300 000 rubles.

When replenishing an electronic wallet, the following limits are set:

  • Replenishment from the card registered in the system is limited to the daily limit, which is 5000 rubles.
  • Banking institutions are entitled, at their own discretion, to restrict a one-time payment, but the transaction amount cannot be less than 50 rubles and more than 300 000 rubles.

Registration in Yandex Money

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  1. Cool EPS! The status of their wallets in the poison, my husband and I have made ourselves "Identified" long ago, back in 2012 year. We went to our office in the city, filled out the specials. the application form, signed all the necessary papers there and sent their documents for approval to Moscow.
    Now, only the cards themselves periodically change everything.
    We pay from the account or card up to 250 thousand rubles per month various goods and services, make transfers. Excellent payment!
  2. This is my very first e-wallet, it appeared in my 7 years ago, but it’s probably one of the first to appear on the Internet, and it’s not a bad functionality either.
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