Elirtex.com - Added Litecoin - turning silver into gold.

Since its launch, Elirtex has continuously expanded its capabilities and capabilities. To ensure the most productive and convenient work for all partners, Litecoin has become available on our platform. This innovation opens up completely new perspectives for each of us.

Litecoin - one of the first Bitcoin forks, positioned as a silver cryptocurrency. Now you can create deposits and withdraw funds from our platform in LTC. Having correctly got rid of coins, you not only protect your capital from instability of rates, but also increase your income by turning silver into gold.

Elirtex is never satisfied with what has already been achieved, so we are going to expand the list of available currencies in the near future. Write in the comments with which cryptocurrency it would be convenient for you to work on our platform. Will take into account the wishes of partners of the company.

Elirtex - simple alchemy of your earnings!

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