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Many of our partners and site visitors often ask various questions about investment in HYIPs. And the point is not only to understand the process itself how to make deposits and receive payments, but also how to invest profitably and minimize risks. We published earlier the annual report and showed in figures that working with us is really profitable, everything is proved by real numbers and payment statements. Why are some investors losing and may be disappointed in the HYIP industry, and some have made HYIP the main source of income. Let's try to answer frequently asked questions and give some tips.


1. Is it possible to earn in HYIP projects?

Yes you can, but you can lose. Since investments in HYIPs are associated with risks.

2. I want to make a contribution, is there any guarantee that I will not lose money?

There is no guarantee and can not be. All investments involve risks.

3. Why is it profitable to invest in HYIP projects through monitoring

We select sites that are interesting for investment, we pay you additional bonuses, and we also have insurance funds to compensate for partial and full losses to partners.

4. I have already invested several times and all the time losing, how to stop catching scams?

It is difficult to predict the outcome of the work of a project in advance, but you can always be guided by the start date of the site and marketing, which in total can be a hint or not worth entering now. If it is difficult for you to understand, you can always ask for help from us in PM and consult on each specific project.

5. How to choose the project on the monitoring site

Always pay attention to our menu sections. There is a separate filter for new projects and recommended ones, as well as the separation by profitability. This will help you sort the project for you according to your desires and possibilities. In the review of each project you will learn about solvency, news, as well as you can analyze the contributions of our partners.

6. I invested all the money in HYIP and lost it.

Your budget should always be strictly controlled and you should not give preference to any one project, only on personal love for design or marketing. You need to invest no more than 10% -20% of the total budget in one project. You should always have funds for new products, to compensate for the drawdown on the scam. It so happens that from 10 HYIP projects, one will produce a result that compensates for the loss in 9 of the rest and will make money.

7. I read the information that the admin with the experience of the project, and the project worked badly. Why?

The success of the administration in one project cannot be a guarantee of success in the following. This information is only for understanding about the experience of the administration and what development steps it can do. Moreover, the administration's goal may change with each new project, where it is to obtain a reputation, and where that is personal income on contributors.

8. Why should I invest in a project with a low percentage per month, when there are similar projects with the same percentage in one day.

Highly profitable projects, in most cases, are intended for investing small amounts. They often do not work very long, precisely because of the high interest rates in a short period of time, since you need to have time to create excitement of new investors in order to consistently pay. Low-income ones, however, have a lot of time for development and more relaxed work, so that they can give a greater likelihood of your earnings and deposits of larger amounts.

9. What does diversification mean? Do I need to stick with it?

Diversification is your protection against rapid loss. You do not use all the funds in one investment in one project. You use several projects and control the budget. Diversification is mandatory if you want to reduce risks.

10. I have 1000 $ (less or more) where to invest it in order to earn money quickly.

The investment process is a job, then you need to weigh and calculate a lot, draw up a budget, and analyze the sites. We do not advise to hurry and rely on fast freebies, we advise you to allocate the budget and use it for long-term work, using part of the budget for high-income, part for middle-income and part for low-income platforms. Do not invest the entire amount at once and use diversification. All this will help you to reduce risks and start to earn money in the field of HYIP projects. If necessary, do not forget to contact us if you need additional advice. Remember, free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

If you have a question that we have not voiced above, please contact us at the contacts on the monitoring site and we will be happy to answer you.


First of all, we advise you to get into the habit of making a report to yourself and keeping a budget. For example in the exel table. Weekly, monthly and annual for deposits and profits. These reports are all experienced Internet investors, it is a way to control your budget.

Secondly, when allocating a budget for investment work, there is no need to use borrowed or credit funds, they will put you under pressure, forcing them to invest as quickly as possible and if they are lost, they will simply lead to bankruptcy.

In the third, be sure to use diversification, be sure to make a contribution of no more than 10% -20% of the budget to one project, do not use the entire budget at once, always have funds for new products and for compensation.

Finally, do not forget to withdraw funds from the project immediately after the interest has been calculated. HYIP projects are not banks to store or save for a new contribution. Sometimes having lost only an hour, the project ceases to pay and you simply did not have time to withdraw your contribution with a profit, although you had every chance to earn.


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  1. Sobatino
    23.11.2019 20:10
    The most useful tips for beginners, which I met at various sites. Thanks!
  2. Anzhel
    15.10.2019 23:34
    Once again I read the article to consolidate the information, thanks for the article!)
  3. montanaakk
    13.10.2019 20:18
    Thanks for the info!
  4. Anzhel
    19.09.2019 23:13
    Useful information in the article, I am very pleased that I am on this blog and make money with it
  5. Nightmare
    14.08.2019 14:08
    At the beginning of my investment path, I did not hear about diversification. And according to the classics, he poured everything into one project, the first round was successful, but on the second - scam (
    It all seems so simple, but often we don’t think about simple things.
    Thanks Rich!
    1. matrix2000
      14.08.2019 14:33
      It’s lucky that you completed the first round, you had to learn about diversification during this time), although the circle may be 1 day) and 30
      1. Nightmare
        14.08.2019 15:16
        Yes, I thought that the smartest) like grandmas as I raise, here it is my chance)) Now I remember and laugh at myself.
      2. 4difeer666
        14.08.2019 16:41
        Ahahah, everyone thought so at the beginning, the main thing is not to repeat your mistakes
        1. Sobatino
          23.11.2019 20:12
          But this is the real truth, no matter what advice, until you get your bumps, you don’t understand what’s happening) The main thing is to skillfully approach this issue)
  6. Graph
    14.07.2019 16:09
    Great article! Everyone must read, Rich thanks for the article, it was interesting to read.
  7. matrix2000
    18.06.2019 23:56
    As soon as I started, I did not follow the rules of diversification, but I saved the insurance from Richie and now I’m wiser to come to deposits
  8. Lavr
    18.06.2019 22:36
    I always hold an opinion, everything must be repeated, repeated and repeated, then the awareness of the need to carefully conduct everything will come, especially the financial budget!
    1. 4difeer666
      18.06.2019 22:41
      I agree, the budget decides a lot in this area, I don’t think that everyone wants to lose it immediately
      1. matrix2000
        18.06.2019 23:13
        Until you try it yourself you don't know how to say it)
        1. 4difeer666
          18.06.2019 23:44
          Well, I do not know how everything is, but I was losing, though it was at the very beginning and a small amount, but I still felt that feeling
          1. Sobatino
            23.11.2019 20:14
            It is better to lose 10 $ and endure experience than 100 $ and score on everything) This is all the difference and the charm)
  9. matrix2000
    18.06.2019 21:11
    I also keep a table, but I probably remember once a week or find time to fill it)
  10. 4difeer666
    18.06.2019 20:35
    Useful article, after it got Google table itself, all the time I forgot to withdraw profits from projects ...